Shooting Ear Protection, Shooters Hearing Protection Ear Muffs for Shooting

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safety ear protection

HUARUI hearing protector is designed to protect your hearing from loud sources such as shooting, hunting, mowing, welding, woodworking, sports events, concerts, studying etc.HUARUI Electronic ear protection has a sound filter that allows you to hear normal sounds such as range commands while protecting you from particularly loud noises.This Safety ear muffs features an electronic amplification mechanism that clarifies low pitch sounds,but shuts down within milliseconds when sounds above 85db occur.This Noise Reduction ear-muff is provided with level-dependent attenuation. The wearer should check correct operation before use. If distortion or failure is detected, the wearer should refer to the manufacturer advice for maintenance and replacement of the battery

ear protection for shooting

Electronic Ear Muff for Shooting

ear protection gun range

Protect Your Hearing from the Loud Noise

Put yout trust on HUARUI Hearing Protection since it can effectively reduce noise and prevent these potential damage and it got qualified by American Standard Institute and Europeand Standard.

HUARUI Protective Gunfire Earmuff

With highest competence, supreme quality and best level of service,


professional manufacture of earmuffs and communication solutions for personal hearing protection.

electronic ear muffs for noise protection

safety ear muffs

noise cancelling shooting ear muff

Built-in Omni Direction Microphone

Allows you to hear people talk or sounds without removing the earmuffs. Turning the knob to adjust the sound volume as you preferred.

Auto Cut off Mode

The listening mode automatically cuts off when a sudden loud sound occurs, like a gunshot. It makes the earmuffs revert to Passive noise cancellation.

High Noise Reduction Rating (26 NRR)

Designed with professional noise dampening foam and high sealing solid cup, automatically shuts off when ambient sound reaches 82 dB; passively blocks out noise at 26 dB

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Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting Black Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting Blue Noise Reduction Hearing Protection Noise Reduction Hearing Protection Hearing Protection for Hard Hat Hearing Protection for Hard Hat
Noise Reduction Rating 26dB 20dB 21dB 21dB 21dB 21dB
Adjustable Headband
Additional Features Sound Amplification & Auto Cut Off Independent Volume Control Low Profile Design Low Profile Design Helmet Attachment Ear Muff Helmet Attachment Ear Muff
Target Audience shooting, hunting, gun-range noise reduction shooting, hunting, gun-range noise reduction Young Child through Average Adult Young Child through Average Adult Constrution Site Constrution Site
Color 3 Colors 2 Colors 9 Colors 9 Colors 7 Colors 7 Colors

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