Safariland in-Ear Impulse Hearing Protection, Black/Red, Medium/Large


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Safariland In-Ear Impluse Hearing Protection

Constructed of proprietary material for long wear comfort. Includes key chain aluminum transport/ storage case. No batteries required. Two sets of ear inserts.

The piezo filter is designed to mechanically react to sudden bursts of over pressure providing up to 33dB protection at levels reaching up around 165dB. So, the instant dampening runs from 13dB to 33dB on a sliding scale as peak noise moves from ~110dB to ~165dB. This makes them suitable for certain firearms use like hunting, plinking, sporting clays, skeet, etc.

The In-Ear Impulse is hearing protection, not ear plugs – meaning that the red piezo filter you see allows sound waves to pass through dampening them by 13dB from whatever consistent dB level you’re exposed to. This allows you to hear conversation, commands, music, speech and such, maintaining situational awareness. This level of reduction makes them ideal for loud environments like cutting grass, operating chain saws, car races, extra loud theaters or concerts, on passenger jets, various industrial applications and so on – anywhere that you desire attenuation of potentially loud and harmful decibel exposure, yet with the benefit of hearing.

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