GUCHO 34 dB NRR Noise Reduction Safety Shooting Ear Muffs,Shooters Hearing Protection Adjustable Ear Muffs,Professional Ear Defenders for Shooting Hunting Fits Adults to Kids(Green)


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Product Description

GUCHO is a brand which design and product the product for Kids, Pets,kitchen and sports.We aim at provide the best quality products and best service the our customer.

GUCHO ear protection earmuff for shooting is with a Ergonomic appearance design, which can wearing comfortable and also not fall off easily.

Why people need this 34 dB shooting protection earmuff ,and why should to choose our GUCHO Shooting Earmuff?

As we know, The shooting sound is sharp. Loud sounds of 140 decibels or higher, such as those made by discharging guns, can cause permanent hearing damage. It is a necessary to protect yourself hearing at the shooting range with a quality earmuffs. While Our hearing protection earmuff can help reduce the sharp sound and protect your hearing from reduce the noise to below 34 dB. if for 34 dB , The sound only like a snap which do not harmful to your ear and also can not scared you ,especially if you are a new shooting trainer.And GUCHO earmuffs fit both adults and kids, so you can pick up a pair of earmuffs for the whole family.


this is not a noise cancellation earmuffs, it is just a earmuff which can reduce the noise to the safe level, can help protect your ear from hurting by the sharp sound or noise.

Packing List:

1* Shooting protect earmuff

When we will need a earmuff to reduce the noise?——Help reduce the noise to 34dB NRR ,Protect hearing from hurting by the sharp machine noise

Shooting training


Renovate a house or woodworking

electric welding

Shooting training

As we all know, when shooting training, the Gunshot is sharp and which can hurting the shooter’s hearing. While wearing a noise reduce shooting earmuff can help reduce the sharp sound to a safety level below 34dB NRR. This level will not hurting the shooter’s hearing again and it is also can hear the sound from around people.

Wild hunting

When you go to hunting wild

Wearing an earmuff can protect your hearing

Renovate a house or woodworking

When you get your house for a renovate or just have a woodworking ,you will put yourself in a noise environment for a long time, it is necessary to wearing an noise reduce earmuff to protect your hearing.

It is a great gift for your friends or family members who always in a noisy environment.

electric welding

It is really perfect for an electric welding work, protect your ear and hearing from the Splashing Mars.

Why need an noise reduce earmuff ?——Escape the noise pollution or you just want a quiet moment when you are in a noise environment

construction site

Noisy street


Working in the construction site

When you work in a Construction site ,it is a necessary to wearing a earmuff which help you reduce the noise from the construction machinery.

Living in the noisy street

When you have to live in a noisy street, you want to study ,have a rest or reading or you just want to enjoy a quiet moment ,this ear muff can help you a lot. Help you escape from the hustle and bustle.


When you annoyed by the insomnia, and can wake up by a little sound. Wearing noise reduce earmuff can help you sleep well.

And it is also a great choice for traveling when you want sleep or reading.

Shooting ear protection

Specification shows

Adjustable headband ,which allowed different size head to wearing it ,It means you can buy a earmuff for all family member using.

Adjustable earmuff


It is collapsible,so it can help you save space. It is convenient for collection or traveling. It means it can only occupy your a little space in your bag. it allowed you to take it everywhere you want.

Quality leather material

Leather material Headband Quality Leather material headband makes it more comfortable for wearing

Leather material makes it more durable and soft for the headband wearing

Soft earmuff

Soft and Quality cotton earmuff

The ear mufff is made of quality cotton , makes it more comfortable when it cover the ear.

Shooting ear protection

Adjustable earmuff

Quality leather material

Soft earmuff

Specification makes perfect

Specification makes perfect

Quality leather headband , steel frame ,Soft cotton earmuff with Ergonomic design makes GUCHO ‘S ear muff popular among all the customers.

You need one ! do not miss it !!!

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