GLORYFIRE Electronic Shooting Earmuff Shooting Ear Protection Sound Amplification 6 Times Electric Earmuffs Perfect for Hunting and Shooting

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Product Description


– Excellent Sound Reinforcement –

Work great in amplifying sounds while you’re hunting. Even the slightest sound, GLORYFIRE electronic earmuffs can also make you find your prey.

– Good at Locating Sounds –

When hunting, GLORYFIRE shooting earmuffs can help you pinpoint the source of prey’s sounds without taking earmuffs off to listen.

– Hearing Production –

GLORYFIRE shooting earmuffs have excellent sound reinforcement as well as good noise reduction, allowing you to hear small sounds while hunting and protecting your ears from the sound of gunfire.

– Good Noise Reduction –

Good noise reduction, with deep ear pads, GLORYFIRE shooting earmuffs can protect your ears from damage while shooting

– Perfect Listening Experience –

These shooting earmuff have a great sound quality. In the spare time, the stereo microphones can take you to enjoy the wonderful music and give you a perfect music feast.

– Communicate Well While Shooting –

With GLORYFIRE shooting earmuffs on while shooting, you’ll be able to communicate with others without being interrupted by a loud gunshot.

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