KAINOKAI Traditional Handmade Longbow Horsebow,Hunting Recurve Archery Bow,Recurve Bow Set


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Brand introduction:
KAINOKAI is a professional seller of outdoor goods, all bows are manufactured by craftsmen,which maintain a characteristic of powerful, high speed, long during life. It is suitable for hunting, shooting training, physical exercise, entertainment and decoration collection.

Product Material:
The bow arm is made of transparent epoxy and wrapped in leather. It is more delicate and durable. The bow handle is made of locust wood, polished and painted to reduce the wear and tear of the bow string and the waterproof effect outdoor

Product performance:
25-55 pounds available, with 40 pounds bow can get a hunting arrow range of 150 meters or more, using a carbon arrow can reach 200 meters, Depending on the pulling force of each person, it can reach a different ranges.

Purchasing Suggestion:
For the first time using, suggesting 30-40 pounds for men, women 25 pounds. Generally, newcomers better to use a bow within 40 pounds, so that we can be better used to the bow, getting a quick progress of shooting technology. If the pounds are too heavy, it will be hard to control .Also, it is suggested that more training should be done to improve the strength of the arm.

Package Contents:
Hand guard *1
Finger guard *1
Arrow target paper *3
Wood hunting arrow *3
Bow string wax *1
Bow String *1

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