Deerseeker 62″ 30-60 lbs Takedown Recurve Bow for Hunting Targeting Shooting Right Left Hand Laminated Riser Archery


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We give this bow a name T/D Raptor, it’s built by laminated tech.

Reliable quality – The riser is combined with hard and high-density Dymond wood, so it’s fairly strong and could support the max draw weight 60lbs. The limbs are laminated with fiberglass&mapple wood, base on recurve shape, it could give this bow a faster speed and low vibration.
Aluminum pockets on two ends of the riser could fasten the limbs, and assemble your limbs very easily.
There’re preinstalled bushings for sights and plunger etc, archers could assemble the recurve bow sight or plunger easily.
The riser is specially designed, this design could give archers a perfect gripping.

Feature – Reflex&Deflex bow design, and varieties of draw weights for your option. Both Right hand&Left Hand are available, it’s 62″ length. The draw weight is from 20lb to 60lbs,5pounds increased.

Accessories – There’re a lot of useful archery accessories to come with a bow set, including bow string,stringer tool, finger tab, arm guard,arrow rest and Allen key. Allen key is for assembling the limbs.

Customers service – Deerseeker archery provides a 1-year guarantee for our clients, any questions about the quality and our products get in touch with us freely please.

Draw Weight:30lbs,35lbs,40lbs,45lbs,50lbs,55lbs,60lbs@28″ Draw Length
AMO Length:62 in
Draw Length:28 in
Brace Height:7.5″-7.9″
Hand Orientation: RH/LH Available

Do not dry firing your bow.
Do not let your children play with bows unsupervised.
Improper and/or careless use may cause serious, even fatal, injury.
Only use this product in a suitable archery range. Make sure the arrow will land safely if you miss the target.
Safely strings the bow, please use bowstringer.

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