CenterPoint Archery ABY1721 Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow


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Who Youth Pre – Teen Teen
Age & Skill Level 4-8 Beginner 9-12 Experienced 13-Adult Advanced
What Low draw weight Low draw length Safety accessories Light weight Small bow Moderate draw weight Moderate draw length Safety accessories Increased draw weight and length Ability to adjust draw weight and length Safety accessories More power and speed
Why Introduction to archery fundamentals Develops proper archery skills Traditional bow set Develops more advanced aiming and shooting skills Prepares archer for adult archery

Name Upland Hawksbill Elkhorn Sentinel Wildhorn Augusta
Model Number AYC1024 & AYC1024PU AYR1524 ABY1721 ABY215 AYC2926 AYR2026
Age/ Skill Level Youth/beginner Youth Pre-Teen Pre-Teen Teen Teen
System Compound Longbow Compound Recurve Compound Recurve
Draw Weight Up to 8 lbs Up to 15 lbs Up to 15 lbs Up to 20 lbs 15-29 lbs 15-20 lbs
Draw Length 22-24” Up to 24” Up to 26” Up to 26” 17-26 24-26
Axel To Axel 36.50” 44” 33” 45” 27.50” 48.50”
Velocity 60 fps 75 fps 70 fps 70 fps 100 fps 75 fps
Accessories Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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