Jakt My Sling-A-Ling Magnetic Paracord Bow Sling (Black/Camo)

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MY SLING-A-LING Magnetic Bow Sling is the only bow sling you never need to remove from your bow. It is hands-down the best bow sling on the market and is sold in over five-hundred archery pro shops around the world. My Sling-A-Ling Magnetic Bow Sling functionality: Never remove it from your bow. Quickly and quietly shoot with the bow sling still attached Comfortably carry your bow hands-free all day long in the backcountry, at the range, or at 3-D shoots Stabilize your binoculars and comfortably glass for big game by hanging your bow around your neck and resting your elbows on the sling At the range, sling your bow and keep both hands free while you pull your arrows, hike the course, and wait for the next shot Sling your bow across your back to keep it protected while riding your ATV Sling you bow across your back while you climb, and never again use a hoist rope to raise or lower your bow from your stand When bowfishing, keep both hands free while recovering your fish Made from military-style 7-strand paracord…In an emergency, you have over 300′ of cordage to help get you out of a jam. The My Sling-A-Ling Magnetic Bow Sling has a magnetic sleeve that can be moved up or down the sling and attaches to one of the following bow-mounted magnet systems to lock it out of the way during the shot:

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