K’Netix Universal Archery Broadhead Wrench by Allen

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titan, allen, archery, broadhead, storage, crossbow

K’Netix Broadhead Wrench

Compact and easy to use, this is a must-have for your broadhead box or bow case.

fit, arrow, in use, lifestyle

broadhead wrench, arrow, crossbow, archery

arrows, bolts, broadheads

Interior Lid Locking System

Quickly and easily tighten and remove your broadheads without cutting your fingertips at home and in the field

Foam Inserts Protect & Secure

Versatile multi-groove opening that accommodates 3, 4, and 5 blade fixed blade broadheads

Compact & Ergonomic

Compact design makes for easy transportation and ridges on exterior make for easy manipulation when in use

expandable, 2 blade, two impact, 3 blade, fixed , chisel optimus, grizzly, three blade photon, red, broadhead, 3 blade broadhead case, storage, archery
Tomahawk Mechanical Broadhead Impact Fixed Blade Broadhead Optimus Fixed Blade Broadhead Photon Fixed Blade Broadhead Titan Broadhead Case
Weight / Diameter 100 Grain / 1.75 in. Cut 100 Grain / 1.0 in. Cut 125 Grain / 1.188 in. Cut 100 Grain / 1.125 in. Cut

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