Carbon Arrow Hunting Arrows with 100 Grain Removable Tips for Archery Compound & Recurve & Traditional Bow Practice Shooting (Pack of 12)

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Warranty: 30 Days

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Material: Carbon

Shaft length: 26 28 30 inch for choice

Outer Diameter: 7.8mm/0.307 inch

Inner Diameter: 6.2mm/0.244 inch

Spine: 500

GPI: 13 (grain per inch)

Whole Arrow Weight: About 35g each for 30 inch arrow, about 33g each for 28 inch arrow, about 31g each for 26 inch arrow

Suit for: 30-60lbs compound, recruve and long bow

Condition: New item

Vanes: 3 inch red + white color, bright and easy to find

Nocks: Durable plastic nock, removable, without glue

Tips: The 100 grain tips can be replaceable, the insert is glued

User Notice:

1. Do not shot against concrete wall or any hard substance. That may damage the arrows.

2. Use a suitable bow. Shooting from a bow with draw weight over recommended value may damage both bow and arrow.

3. Please use an arrow rest to protect the bow, or the bow may be damaged by arrows.

4. If the plastic vanes shape is distorted, you can put the vanes into 176℉-194℉ hot water for 5-10 minutes, or straighten them by using an air dryer they can be recover to original shape.

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