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TruFire earned its 2nd Gold Award in the Hunting Releases category. A leader in form, fit, and function, TruFire continues to outpace the competition in 2020.


FeraDyne Outdoors, manufacturer of 20+ industry-leading brands, proudly announces its acceptance of 5 Bowhunting World Readers’ Choice Gold Awards during the 2020 Archery Trade Association Trade Show

Why do archers use TruFire releases more than any other release on the market?

Because as the largest manufacturer of archery release aids in the world, TruFire leads the way with innovation and product development. TruFire products deliver greater accuracy, reliability and functionality for years of trouble-free use.

TruFire Hardcore MAX Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release

Trust that Tru-Fire Archery Release will fix help create the right shot every time. This release is ideal for the ultimate hardcore hunters or serious tournament archers.

Hardcore Max Buckle Foldback Tru-Fire Release attaches to your bow for flawless shots every time. This release features a self-centering knuckle that will eliminate side to side torque. This archery bow release comes standard with an Evolution Buckle plus Hybrid and Evolution Buckle Web systems to help create good shots no matter the equipment used. This Tru-Fire Archery Release gives your bow the next level in accuracy.

  • Trigger pressure adj from 3 to over 16 ounces
  • Super plush black buckle strap
  • Over 1” length adjustment
  • Fully adjustable trigger travel
  • Swept back trigger
  • Guaranteed not to slip off loops
  • Comes standard on our Evolution Buckle, Hybrid and Evolution Buckle Web systems

TruFire leads the way with innovation and product development, which is why archers across the world use Tru-Fire releases more than any other release on the market. Experience the TruFire Difference!




The Tru-Fire Difference

Since 1984 TruFire’s history of innovation has been punctuated by the development of a series of patented technologies including 360° head rotation for a torque-free shot and the finest, most precise length adjustment in the industry — all without tools. Widely recognized for their simplicity with features such as the Evolution strap’s FOLDBACK system, which enables the release to be folded easily out of the way when not needed and the widely-recognized bright yellow, TrapTab, which lets users put the release on and off with just one hand.

Vigorous Testing

When we say that our releases can handle excessive amounts of weight and years of use, we can actually prove it! With our exclusively designed release tester, we can automatically load onto the release, rotate the head (if applicable), apply pressure and fire the trigger in mere seconds, via pneumatics. During the development of a new release, we test the new model at a staggering 200 pounds for 20,000 continuous cycles. By testing our products at this extreme level of weight and cycles, we are insured that you the consumer will have a release that will not fail you.

Award-Winning Innovations

Other accuracy-increasing innovations include adjustable head angle, multiple position trigger adjustments for both index finger and handheld release aids, ambidextrous fit, and adjustable trigger travel and tension on a multitude of models on top of the industry’s most comfortable and convenient wrist strap systems. Archers from all disciplines can find a solution in TruFire’s line of caliper, open, closed, or single jaw release aids in both handheld and index finger options while also specializing in the development of a series of tools and accessories to enhance performance.

Tru-Fire’s Pro Staff

Jim and Eva are a dynamic father daughter duo who have spent their whole lives enjoying the outdoors. Now, they host ‘Jim Shockey’s Hunting Experiences’ on the Outdoor Channel. Jim’s television productions have won 15 Golden Moose Awards from 2009-2015, and he is accomplished in archery, muzzleloader and rifle.With a combined passion for conservation and adventure, Eva is known as a strong, proud, female outdoorswoman and has become an influential spokesperson for hunters, appearing on national television spots, including Fox News.

Tru-Fire’s Pro Staff

Brothers, Chris and Casey Keefer, host the new show, Rival Wild. Throughout the fall of 2013, the Keefer brothers set out to tell the tale of what it’s like to rival one piece of whitetail heaven in central Illinois.

Tru-Fire’s Pro Staff

Throughout the life of World Champion archer Levi Morgan, archery has been his passion – even his obsession. Since childhood, he has been traveling the world competing in archery tournaments one half of the year and bow hunting with a vengeance the other half of the year. His dream has always been to share his love for this sport with the world. His TV show Name the Game defines the passion, obsession and love of a life lived outdoors with a bow.

Tru-Fire’s Pro Staff

Driven by immense adoration for the outdoors and unwavering devotion, we are a group of country boys proud to call ourselves ‘Trained Assassins’. Our goal is to share our unforgettable adventures, gained knowledge and extraordinary experiences. Each one of us is a tough-spirited individual, possessing an indomitable passion for the thrill of the hunt. An aspect we are greatly proud of is our passion for bow hunting. Each team member is an avid bow hunter and brings something unique to the crew.

Jim & Eva Shockey

Chris & Casey Keefer

Levi Morgan

Trained Assassins

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Patriot BullDog Buckle Foldback TruFire Max Hardcore Buckle Black Foldback Smoke Buckle Foldback Hardcore Buckle Foldback Spark Youth Buckle Foldback
Strap Style Padded black nylon Power Strap Foldback Buckle Strap Plush Black Foldback Buckle Strap Black Padded Strap Camo Leather Buckle Foldback strap Shorter length adjustment for smaller hands
Fits Both Hands
Adjustable Trigger Travel
360° Head Rotation

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