Monstrum Slim Profile Series Offset Cantilever Picatinny Scope Mount | 1 inch Diameter

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Weighs in at a mere 6 ounces!

Crafted from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. At a weight comparable to a set of lightweight rings, it provides the added rigidity and convenience of a one piece mount.

Built specifically for 1 inch scopes.

The mount is built for standard 1 inch tube scopes for mounting to any standard Picatinny rail equipped rifle.

Square Integral Recoil Stops

This scope mount also features 4 square-integral recoil stops, which allows us to shave down the weight, while increasing the strength.

Total Length: 5.5 in
Base Length: 3.0 in
Ring Space: 2.38 in (Distance Between Rings)
Center Height: 1.6 in (Center of Reticle to Top of Rifle Mount)
Profile Height: 1.0 in
Forward Extension: 2.0 inch

Monstrum Tactical Scope Mount Torx Screws

The Strongest, yet Lightest Scope Mount!

The heat-treated torx screws allow you torque down your scope mount to specifications without worrying about stripping the screws like competitors.

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Fits 30mm Scope Tubes:
Fits 1 inch Scope Tubes:
6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Heat Treated Torx Screws
Quick Release Feature

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