Anyoupin Paintball Mask, Airsoft Mask Full Face with Goggles Impact Resistant for Airsoft BB Hunting CS Game Paintball and Other Outdoor Activities

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Product Description


1. Full coverage protection by the mask – for eyes, nose, mouth (neck).

2. Made of durable Polycarbonate material and ABS plastic. PC clear lenses, can prevent sand from entering, can properly protect the user’s eyes. Inside of the Mask, there is a nice sponge mats for the eyes, nose and ears. Anti Sputtering, Impact resistant, reliable buffer.

3. With the ventilation holes at nose and mouth for adequate air flow, you can also breathe freely with the mask on even during the most intensive activities. There are adjustable elastic straps on the back side of the Mask which allow you to adjust the head straps for comfort.


Color can slightly differ from the picture due to screen rendering.

Main material

Main material

The main material of the mask is ABS.

About ABS:

  1. Conventional performance Plastic ABS is non-toxic, odorless.The density is 1.05~1.18g/cm³, the shrinkage is 0.4%~0.9%, the elastic modulus is 2Gpa, the Poisson’s ratio is 0.394, the hygroscopicity is <1%, the melting temperature is 217~237°C, and the thermal decomposition temperature is >250°C.
  2. Mechanical properties ABS has excellent mechanical properties, its impact strength is good, it can be used at very low temperature; plastic ABS has excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability and oil resistance.
  3. Thermal performance The heat distortion temperature of plastic ABS is 93~118 °C. ABS can still exhibit a certain toughness at -40 ° C, and can be used in the temperature range of -40 to 100 ° C.
  4. Electrical performance ABS has good electrical insulation and is virtually immune to temperature, humidity and frequency.
  5. Environmental performance ABS is not affected by water, inorganic salts, alkalis and various acids

polycarbonate material

Lens material

Lens material:Polycarbonate

About polycarbonate:

  • High strength and modulus of elasticity, high impact strength, wide temperature range
  • High transparency and free dyeability
  • Low mold shrinkage and good dimensional stability
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • Good weather resistance
  • Excellent electrical characteristics


Wide Application

Ideal for Paintball, Tactic game, Live CS game, Airsoft or BB competition, Survival game, Cosplay, Outdoor Party, Halloween, Movie props, Costume parties etc.

BC BK half mask Wildfire Half Mask+Clear Len
Black-Clear Lens Black Black Half Mask Wildfire Mask Half Mask+Clear
Colour Black/Green/Tan/Gray Black/Green/Tan/Camo/Black Camo Black/White/Blue/Yellow Wildfire/Black/Captain/Silver Gray/Green/Red Copper/Bronze/Cavalier/Bone Black
lens Clear/Gray Clear Mesh/Clear/Gray Clear/Gray
Size 9.25″ x 10.24″ (23.5 x 26 CM) 7.08″ x 7.48″ (18 x 19 CM) 7.87″ x 6.30″ (20 x 16 CM) 8.3“x 11.6” ( 21 x 29.7 CM ) 7.87 ” x 6.7 “(20 x 15.5 cm)
Weight 8.82 oz/0.25 kg 9.17 oz/0.26 kg 4.94 oz/0.14 kg 11.64 oz/0.33 kg 4.05 oz/0.11 kg
Materials ABS & Polycarbonate Nylon plus fiber TPU TPR Carbon steel
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