Airsoft BBS 0.12g 6mm 2000 Rounds with an resealable Plastic Bottle& an Easy-Pour spout,Yellow Airsoft pellets

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Product Description

Ocean Loong is a professional seller of 6mm airsoft BBs, airsoft pellets, airsoft balls.In high precision grinding technology, the tolerance of BBs within 5.95±0.01mm. Material: PLA.BBs nature for your choice is standard BB, biodegradable BBs, tracer BBs.They are 0.12g, 0.20g, 0.25g and 0.28g in weight of 6mm airsoft BBs.

Different density of BBs are suitable for different firepower of AEG.

  1. 0.12g 6mm BBs fit for 200±50 FPS
  2. 0.20g 6mm BBs fit for 300±50 FPS
  3. 0.25g 6mm BBs fit for 350±50 FPS

0.12g 2k

Airsoft BBS 0.12g 6mm 2000 Rounds in resealable Bottle

  1. 2000 rounds per bottle for fun. Easy to carry around.
  2. High Quality 0.12 gram yellow BBs with lightest weight.
  3. 6mm airsoft plastic bbs & pellets for most of the airsoft gun toys.
  4. Perfect for starter airsoft gun under 250 FPS. Such as airsoft spring pistols.
  5. Resealable plastic bottle with an easy-pour spout,Very convenient for the user to pour out or lay up the bbs.

0.12g 0.2g 2k 0.12g 5KS 02g-5KS 0.2g 5K
0.20g 1K 0.25g 1K 0.12g 2KS 0.20g 2KS 0.20g 5K
6mm bbs
Weight / round 0.20g 0.25g 0.12g 0.20g 0.20g
Quantity 1000 rounds 1000 rounds 2000 rounds 2000 rounds 5000 rounds
Speed Loader Include
Fit for Firepower FPS 240~350 FPS 300~400 FPS 120~250 FPS 240~350 FPS 240~350

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