XAegis M-LOK Bipod, Adjustable 5.7″ to 8″ Rifle Bipod for Mlok Compatible Hand-Guard, Matte Black

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Product Description

mlok bipod




Accessories Included

1x 1/16″ Wrench

1x 1/8″ Wrench

1x 3/16″ Wrench

Bipods are a must-have accessory for field shooters, hunters, snipers, and competitors as they provide more stability than shooting sticks, which only reduce side-to-side motion, or firing unsupported. Create a steady, locked-in platform for your rifle and increase your accuracy. The XAegis M-LOK Bipod provides the shooter with a durable bipod set up with 100% independent legs to allow a stable shooting position in the toughest of terrain.

  • Center Height: 5.7″ – 8.0″
  • Leg Length: 6.3″ – 9.0″
  • Weight: 10.3oz
  • Foot Pad Textured
  • Foldable
  • Extendable Legs
  • Bidirectional Folding

Bipod Leg Height Adjustment Instructions





Make sure the locking screw is not fully tightened by turning the 1/16″ wrench.

Extend the bipod leg to any of the five precut positions by pulling down on the foot pad and positioning it at the desired precut notch.

To retract the bipod leg, first make sure the locking screw is not fully tightened by turning the 1/16″ wrench . Next,press and hold the Spring Loaded Retention Clamp while pushing the bipod leg back into its housing until it clicks into the precut notch found just above the start of the Foot Pad.

Simply turn the 1/16″ wrench until tightened to lock the bipod leg in place.

Bidirectional Folding Operating Instructions




Press the locking button.

While holding the button into any one of its five locking positions. Locking when in the desired position.

Release the button and confirm the leg is locked in place

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