Umarex Steel-Storm .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol


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From the manufacturer

Love the auto burst

And the 300 round reservoir that feeds into the 30-round built-in mag.

  • Magazine drops out of frame for easy loading
  • Upper and Lower Picatinny Rails
  • Easy manual safety
  • Accessorize with lights, lasers, and dot sights
  • Feed your desire for more trigger time
  • Super easy to shake the BBs from the reservoir into the magazine
  • Shooting enjoyment for the whole family

You Will Fall in Love with the ‘Auto’ Burst

6-shot burst a real blast for the money

The Umarex Steel Storm Tactical BB gun has a 30 shot capacity, with a 300-round reserve! It allows you to shoot 6-shot bursts in “full-auto” mode, and single shots in semi-auto mode. The gun has an ultra-accurate look and feel. It’s powered by two 12 gram CO2 capsules, and the CO2 is housed in a drop out magazine for ease of access. Even comes with a puncture screw that conveniently stores in the magazine.

The Steel Storm provides lots of fun destroying cans. A great value for the auto-mode and vast number of BBs it will hold. Mount an inexpensive red dot sight on the top rail for a little added coolness and accuracy. Some have said they no longer envy their friend’s Drozd, which costs more. An there’s no batteries required.

  • 6-Shot burst “full-auto” action
  • Single-shot mode if desired
  • 300-round reservoir!
  • 30-round built-in magazine
  • Runs on two 12 gram CO2 capsules
  • 430 fps in single-shot mode
  • Shoots .177 Steel BBs

The Steel Storm By Umarex is Automatically Loaded with Fun Features

Selector Switch

The ‘Happy Switch’ is on when the selector is pointed to the 6-shot burst mode.

Built-In Magazine

With 300 rounds in it reservoir you can fill the built-in 30 round mag 10 times before adding more BBs!

Lots Of Rail

There’s plenty of rail both top and bottom to add a red dot or a flashlight. You could even add a laser.

Unleash a Steel Storm

Put on those safety glasses, set your target against a safe backstop and let the BBs rip.

The Magazine Holds Two CO2 Capsules for Extended Trigger Time

Each Steel Storm comes with a dual-capacity CO2 magazine. It has a dual catch release system meaning that when you press the CO2 mag release it comes partially out of the grip frame until it catches on a secondary stop. This prevents it from hitting the ground. A secondary release allows the CO2 mag to drop completely free of the frame.

Each one also comes with a puncture screw as pictured. It stores in the black cap of the magazine that simply snaps on. Easy.

You Have the Control – ‘Auto’ 6-Shot Burst or 1-shot Semi-Auto

Clearly marked and easy to use the mode selector allows you to choose how you shoot the Steel Storm. You can fire one BB at a time or send 6 BBs down range with each pull of the trigger.

300 Round On Board

The Steel Storm holds 300 rounds in its reservoir. Just slide the front sight forward to reveal a wide opening through which you can pour steel BBs. An easy shaking motion loads 30 BBs into the spring-fed magazine visible from the left side. It’s cool to watch the BB follower slide down the magazine tube as you send BBs downrange.

Accessories Will Make Your Steel Storm all the Envy

Add dot sight to the top rail and a flashlight to the bottom for an ultra-cool looking tactical BB experience. The dot sight will make it easier for you to find your target and if you like shooting in dimly lit areas a flashlight with a cord switch is just plain awesome.

Easy Loading

6-Shot or 1-Shot

300 Rounds!

Ready for Accessories!

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