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Real Avid Carbon Scraper


Cleaning Solution for America’s Choice Rifles

We cherish our long tradition of independence and owning rifles. Shooting sports, ranch and wilderness, hunting, personal protection and home defense, teaching firearms safety to the young generation. America has its rifle of choice.

Maintaining safe, functional, dependable rifle requires thorough cleaning. Dirty bolt and bolt carrier group (BCG) are the most common cause of malfunctions. Carbon fouling builds up fast and prevents action from cycling smoothly. It especially tends to accumulate in hard to reach areas.

Our precision machined tools give you the answer to quickly and easily remove carbon from critical areas of your action.

Clean it fast, clean it right and keep your rifle running.

Precision Machined Contours to Tackle Carbon Removal from Critical Surfaces





Remove Retaining Pin for Disassembly

Firing Pin

Bolt Cam Pin

Bolt Carrier Interior





Bolt Tail

Bolt Face

Bolt Lugs

Mil-Spec Solution

real avid

About Real Avid

Real Avid is the leader in DYI for guns. We relentlessly invent superior problem-solving products that improve the experience of cleaning, maintaining, building, modifying and repairing guns.

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