Gamo 621258654 Gamo 10X Quick-Shot compatible with Gamo


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The Gamo Swarm 10X Quick-Shot Magazine is ONLY compatible with Gamo Swarm air rifles featuring the 10X Quick-Shot multishot technology (like the Swarm Maxxim, Swarm Whisper, Swarm Bone Collector, Swarm Magnum). It will not work in rifles featuring 10X GEN2 technology (like the Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2).

Gamo 10X Quick-Shot Magazine

10 pellet rotary clip for models like the Swarm Maxxim, Swarm

You now can have 2 or 3 extra magazines already loaded with you in the field! This is a great back up to have. Load all your magazines and be ready for quick follow-up shots with the Gamo 10X Quick-Shot Technology.

  • 10 shot rotary magazine.
  • Allow quick reloading.
  • Rotor numbered.
  • Smooth indexing, number of shots left and empty magazine indicators.
  • High impact polymer base.
  • 10X Quick-Shot magazine is only compatible with Gamo Swarm rifles (See picture gallery). NOT compatible with Gamo 10X GEN2 Technology.
  • Made in Spain.

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