Colt Defender Semi Automatic Metal Frame .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

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From the manufacturer

A Hoot to Shoot!

The price is amazing for the level of detail and weight designed into this fun, all-metal BB pistol!

Colt Defender BB Gun – Semi-Auto Action – Loads of Fun to Shoot – Feels Like the Firearm

In true colt style

The Colt Defender BB Pistol has an ALL-METAL construction and a built in 16-shot BB magazine. The spring powered grip release and the CO2 compartment in the grip make this pistol extremely easy to operate. A fixed blade front sight makes aiming a breeze. Realistic weight of 1.6 lbs.

Extremely efficient co2 use

A 12 gram Umarex CO2 Capsule will run approximately 150 steel BBs through it before needing more CO2. Just shoot slow and steady to maximize the CO2 that hides behind a sliding grip plate. The puncture screw is a handy flip-down knob – no extra tools needed to puncture the CO2 capsule!

Crisp & predictable trigger

The trigger on the Colt Defender air pistol is heavy and long with a smooth travel and a crisp break that’s consistent and predictable. This airgun is almost the same size and weight as the Smith & Wesson Shield and makes for a great gun to practice holster drills and target acquisition.

16-round built-in magazine

The built in 16-round magazine is very easy to load especially when using an Umarex steel BB speed loader. The Defender gets great velocity and has good CO2 economy. Shoot it on a warm day as fast as you can reload it! Have plenty of Umarex or Hornady BBs handy!

Use the Colt Defender to Improve Point and Shoot Handgun Style Shooting.

Colt Defender Specifications

Take One to the Range Today and Get More Trigger Time!
  • Shoots .177 Steel BBs
  • 410 fps
  • 16 round magazine
  • Fixed front blade sight
  • Fixed open rear sight
  • Semi-auto repeater
  • CO2 Powered
  • Double Action Trigger
  • 6.75 inch length
  • 4.3 inch smooth barrel
  • Manual safety
  • All-metal frame!
A Best Selling BB Gun!

Don’t forget some RWS Chamber Lube Oil for use with your CO2 Capsules!

The Metal Frame is Hard to Beat!

You’ll Love the Look and Feel of this BB Gun!

Being made of all-metal, you’ll enjoy the weight and fit of this BB gun in your hand. Use it to improve point & shoot handgun style shooting. It will fit the holster of a Springfield Arms WX-d 3.8 in .40 S&W. It holds 16 rounds in the built-in magazine. This Colt air gun is great for honing eye and hand coordination. This BB Gun provides a great way to get in needed practice without burning up a lot of expensive ammunition. Great gun up to 25 feet that can get anywhere from 90 to 150 shots with controlled use of the 12 gram CO2 capsule.

More realistic than other guns in its price range!

Great plinker with good power and accuracy for practice drills!

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