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Honey Alternative

Sugar Free Honey Alternative

Pyure Honey Alternative has the same rich taste and thick texture of true honey (but without the added calories), plus it’s naturally sugar free!

That’s because we make it with the highest quality Organic Stevia, then add real honey flavor for a deliciously sweet honey taste.

At Pyure we will always:

  • Source single, high quality species of Stevia year round for consistent quality.
  • Avoid chemicals, additives, and artificial processes.
  • Use sustainable, responsive practices to reduce impact on our environment.
  • Provide deliciously sweet and healthy alternatives to sugar and other high-calorie sweeteners.

Pyure tastes great in:


A little squeeze is all you need for a sweet boost to your morning cup.


Store bought smoothies might be vitamin-packed, but they’re often packed with hidden sugars too. If you want something tasty on the go, without the added sugar, blend up a smoothie with honey-sweet stevia

Morning Oats

Add a drizzle to your morning oats for a perfectly sweet, perfectly healthy start to the day.

Salad Dressing

Brighten up your veggies! Infuse your new favorite salad dressing with the sweetness of honey and none of the sugar.

How we make it:

First we harvest and dry the highest quality leaves from the best tasting species of stevia plants.

Then through a process similar to steeping tea, we extract the very sweetest part of the stevia leaf.

We’re left with what is known as Reb A, a fine white powder that is 350 times the sweetness of table sugar!

Finally, the Reb A is reviewed for quality and packaged, or blended with other ingredients to create the best tasting sugar free products available.

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