Mentos Pure Fresh Sugar-Free Chewing Gum with Xylitol, Cinnamon, 50 Piece Bottle (Bulk Pack of 6)

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mentos gum

mentos gum cinnamon

Instant Flavor Burst and Fresh Breath in a Light Crunchy Shell

The light crunchy shell of Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free gum offers your taste buds an immediate flavor sensation, delivering instantly fresh breath. Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free gum is great for the car or office, as wedding favors, or anywhere people want a fresh long lasting chew.

mentos gum cinnamon

The Liquid Center Gives a Fresh, Long-Lasting Flavor Burst

The liquid center of each piece of Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free gum provides a blast of freshness that leaves your taste buds tingling. The amazing flavor lasts chew after chew with the freshness people know and love around the world.

mentos gum cinnamon

Your Sugar-Free, Guilt-Free Taste Sensation

Not only does Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free gum offer you the freshest minty or fruity chew, but that powerful Mentos chill is also sugar-free. The delightfully refreshing guilt-free taste sensation features xylitol, a natural sweetener that also helps prevent tooth decay.

mentos gum cinnamon

Make a New Fresh Connection with the Perfect Pack

It’s never been easier to make fresh connections with Mentos gum. The unique curvy bottle is perfect for your desk or in the car, while the pocket bottle and wallet pack are great for your purse or pocket. With so many convenient options, share the refreshing flavor of Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free gum with all the fresh connections you make today.

mentos gum cinnamon

mentos gum cinnamon

mentos gum cinnamon

mentos gum cinnamon

mentos gum cinnamon

mentos gum cinnamon

mentos gum cinnamon

mentos gum cinnamon

Xylitol #1 Ingredient

Xylitol, the #1 ingredient in Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free gum, is a sweetener naturally found in many fruits, vegetables and plants. Xylitol helps prevent tooth decay and is a sweet alternative for anyone watching their sugar or caloric intake.

Sugar + Peanut Free

The peanut-free flavorful burst of Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free gum is an allergen-free flavor sensation! You can delight in sharing the powerful chill of Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free gum with anyone.

Green Tea Extract

Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free gum with green tea extract helps purify your breath and delivers freshness to your mouth.

Share Some Gum, Make a Friend

No matter where you are or where you’re going, Mentos brings people together. That familiar Mentos burst of flavor, fresh breath and lasting chew unleashes fresh connections all around the world.

Sugar Free
Freshens Breath
Best for the Car
Best for Your Pocket or Purse
Great for Your Office Desk
Great for Sharing
Peanut & Tree Nut Free

Available in 50ct Curvy Bottle (6 Pack)
Available in 15ct Pocket Bottle (10 pack)
Available in 12ct Wallet Pack
Available in 120ct Resealable Bag

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Cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Fresh Mint, Spearmint, Sweet Mint, Watermelon, White Sweet Mint, Wintergreen