Lindt LINDOR Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffles Kosher, 60 Count Box

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Lindor Truffles

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The Finest Ingredients

Premium ingredients are part of the Lindt tradition. We select only the highest-quality cocoa bean varieties, Criollo and Trinitario, which are fermented and dried to perfection by our Master Chocolatiers. In addition to our beans, we select exceptional ingredients from special regions, like hazelnuts from Piedmont and almonds from California, that give our chocolate its unmatched texture and taste.

Irresistibly Smooth Truffles

Melt into a unique chocolate experience with Lindt Lindor truffles. Crafted with precision and care by our Lindt Master Chocolatiers, each truffle embodies Lindt’s dedication to creating chocolate beyond compare. Available in a variety of delectable flavors, LINDOR truffles are great for sharing with your neighbors, colleagues, and friends, or indulge in a moment that’s just for you

Exceptionally Crafted Bars

For the finest textures and tastes chocolate can offer, look no further than Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate bars. Each is tempered to a smooth delectable finish by our Lindt Master Chocolatiers. Break a bar to share with friends, family, or savor for yourself. No matter which variety you choose, Lindt Excellence always delivers a rich, gourmet chocolate experience.

Milk Chocolate Truffles 60ct Milk Chocolate Truffles 5.1oz Dark Chocolate Truffles 60ct Dark Chocolate Truffles 5.1oz 85% Dark Chocolate Bars 90% Dark Chocolate Bars
Milk Chocolate Truffles 60 Count Milk Chocolate Truffles 5.1 oz Dark Chocolate Truffles 60 Count Dark Chocolate Truffles 5.1 oz 85% Dark Chocolate Bar 90% Dark Chocolate Bars
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