ECLIPSE Winterfrost Sugarfree Gum, 8.8-Ounce 180 piece bag

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Incredibly Fresh Breath

Polar Ice




Polar Ice

Is it getting cold in here? Bite into the crisp minty shell of Eclipse Polar Ice Sugar-free Gum for a burst of chilly mint flavor.


Start a blizzard in your mouth with Eclipse Winterfrost Gum. Experience the chill of incredibly fresh breath.


Experience cosmic spearmint flavor from Eclipse Chewing Gum. The out-of-this-world mint flavor is made with no sugar.


Classic peppermint flavor with the incredibly refreshing power of ECLIPSE Sugarfree Chewing Gum.

Enjoy Incredibly Fresh Breath Anywhere

Chewing gum for on the go

Chewing gum for at the office

Chewing gum when you're out with friends

On the Go

Keep a pack of Eclipse Sugar-free Gum in your pocket, bag or car for minty-fresh breath whenever you need it.

At the Office

Tackle your next meeting with confidence. Stock the office pantry or your desk drawer with breath-freshening gum.

Out With Friends

Break the ice with old friends and new when you share the incredibly refreshing mint flavor of Eclipse Gum.

Stay fresh with convenient delivery of ECLIPSE Chewing Gum.

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