Once Again Organic, Crunchy Peanut Butter – Salt Free, Unsweetened – 9 lb Bucket


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Jeremy Thaler and Constance Potter shared a common belief in the importance of herbal supplements, worker-owned cooperatives, organic and sustainable farming and the power of community. Upon moving to Rochester, New York, they established a whole-grain bakery that also produced granola using a barrel roaster. A chance question from a friend, “You have a barrel roaster; why don’t you use it to make peanut butter?” led Jeremy to the peanut butter business. In 1976, Once Again Nut Butter was born. When Jeremy and Connie left Rochester for a more rural area, they moved the company into their 800-square foot basement and manufactured peanut butter there until they purchased the current facility in 1981. Today, Once Again remains committed to sustainability, and continues to produce superior products for its customers.

ONCE AGAIN PEANUT BUTTER crunchy organic 9lb

Once Again Organic Peanut Butter


Our organic peanut butter is made by roasting and grinding blanched, dry roasted peanuts until they are wonderfully creamy. We then add our crunchies. This product has just one ingredient, peanuts! Our secret to this great tasting product, is in our dry-roasting. We are confident you are going to love the texture of crunchy peanut butter amidst its contrasting rich and creamy backdrop.


Organic peanuts

  • Unsweetened
  • Salt Free
  • Gluten Free Certified
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO

once again


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