Milkman Low-fat Milk – Instant Dry Milk Powder (18 Pack)

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Real Milk. Real Convenient.

Rich, creamy real-milk taste

Mixes instantly and disperses completely

A perfect ingredient for any recipe that calls for milk

From USA grass-fed, hormone-free cows

A minimum 2-year shelf-life

Just add water


Great For Any Outdoor Adventure

Milkman Low-Fat Milk is great for on-the-go. Lightweight packets make 1-quart of creamy delicious milk you can enjoy on the trail. Just add water and enjoy!

Enjoy Milkman in so many ways.

Coffee Creamer

two flavors


In Place Of Coffee Creamer

Milkman’s “Kiss of Cream” adds a smooth, creamy texture and natural milk flavor to your coffee – reconstitute to liquid or simply add dry powder and mix.

Two Great Flavors

Milkman Milk packets are available in both our original creamy low-fat milk and rich, nutritious Milkman Chocolate Milk with 18g of protein.

Travel + Adventure

A great-tasting, low-fat milk with convenience and portability. Attention boaters, hikers, campers, hunters, fisherman and backpackers – Milkman is easy to prepare when you are on the go!

emergency stock

milk powder


Preparation For Emergencies

Milkman does not require refrigeration until it is mixed, making it an important item to keep in your stockpile or survival kit. We offer large pack sizes so you can purchase all at once!

Recipes + Baking

Save money and space in your refrigerator – substitute equal parts reconstituted Milkman Low-fat Milk anywhere milk is called for in a recipe. It is also used in baking and works great in breads, muffins, cakes and more!

A Must For Parents

Keep Milkman Low-fat Milk stocked in your pantry or purse and have peace of mind that you’ll never run out of milk for your children. A packet of single-serve, Milkman Chocolate Milk with 18g of Protein is the perfect nutritional boost for kids, after active outings or for sports recovery.

milkman chocolate
Milkman Low-fat Milk – Instant Dry Milk Powder Chocolate Milk with 18g of Protein
Real Milk
Mixes Instantly
Creamy Taste
Convenient Packets
Shelf Stable
Flavor Low-Fat, Original Chocolate
Protein 8 grams 18 grams
Water Ratio 1 quart / Packet 8 ounces / Packet

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