Ready Supply Foods Variety Bucket,25.2 lbs of Freeze Dried Food Storage, Camping, Hiking, Survival, Emergency Food Supply, Up to 25 Year Shelf Life,140 Servings,43,280 Total Calories


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Ready Supply Foods freeze dried food kit can be used for emergency preparedness, camping, hunting, backpacking or hiking.This bucket has 27 different meals from old fashioned pancakes to cheesy potato soup. Our buckets are 5X the weight of our competitors. That’s because we base our servings off a 2000 calories diet instead of 1200 calories like most other companies. Don’t be fooled by the number of servings, check the calories. We have 20 plus years of emergency, survival and camping kitchen experience. When an emergency hits you can count on our food to stay fresh longer than our competitors. With a 25 year shelf life this bucket is essential for any household. These fully prepared meals simply need hot water and a little time to become delicious nutrient dense meals without fillers. All of our ingredients are natural with no MSG or GMO’s.Take Ready Supply Food on your next camping trip or pack away for an unexpected emergency. Order multiple buckets for bigger discounts. We are ready for any emergency are you?

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