Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Freeze Dried Backpacking & Camping Food, Gluten-Free

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Mountain House Breakfast Skillet


Filling hash browns, savory sausage, tasty veggies and scrambled eggs all team up to make the legendary Mountain House Breakfast Skillet. Bursting with flavor and protein, it’s no wonder this is one of our most popular breakfast items for fueling explorers everywhere.

#10 Can – With this large can of Breakfast Skillet, you can feed a herd of hungry humans or keep it all to yourself. A must-have for your emergency food supply … even if that emergency is that you’re not currently eating Breakfast Skillet.

Our Story

At Mountain House, we trace our roots to meals we made for the United States Special Forces.

During the Vietnam Conflict, the military put out a request for food that tasted better, lasted longer and weighed less than old K and C rations. Our parent Company, Oregon Freeze Dry, responded to that request and won the contract. We immediately started making freeze dried food as Long Range Patrol rations for the military. We’ve continued making food for the United States Special Forces and other branches of the military ever since.

As the war began to wind down, we took our surplus rations to military surplus and sporting goods stores. It was then in 1969 that we realized the great for good tasting, easy to prepare freeze dried food and Mountain House was born.

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#10 Can, 6-pack, Pouch


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