Plano Z-Series Tackle Bags Zipperless Tackle Organization featuring Kryptek Raid Camo


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Available exclusively in Kryptek Raid, the Z-Series of zipperless bags eliminates the failures that are common in some traditional zipper bags

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Each bag is designed to give you unobstructed access to your gear along with durable, water-resistant protection.

You’ll never miss a bite fumbling with leaking or stuck zippers!

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Plano Z-Series backpack soft zipperless tackle storage solution. plano tackle backpack

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zipperless design
high performance TPE-coated waterproof fabric
storage compartments Two side pockets with hook and loop closures Two Side pockets with hook and loop closures Two exterior side pockets secure with buckles. Cinch cord top provides complete closure of main compartment, further secured by buckles and hook and loop. Additional tool holder on front Six clear compartments for quick identification of contents. HOPE D-rings for hanging. Efficient pack and roll design.
stowaway capacity 3600 includes five stows 3700 includes five stows four 3700 stows included.

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