Sougayilang Speed Bass Fishing Rods, Porable Light Weight High Carbon 4 Pc Blanks for Travel Freshwater Fishing-Spinning & Casting

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Product Description

  • Fishing Rod Detail:
  • Guides: 6 ,Pieces:4PCS
  • Model————–Length—————-Weight—Power—-Line WT—-Lure WT
  • Helios-GC—-Casting rod 7’0″—–6.38oz—-Medium—–10-20 lb—–3/8-1oz
  • Helios-GC—-Casting rod 7’8″—–6.75oz—-Medium—–14-20 lb—–1/2-2oz
  • Helios-GS—- Spinning rod 7’0″—6.38oz—-Medium—–10-20 lb—–3/8-1oz
  • Helios-GS— Spinning rod 7’8″—-6.75oz—-Medium—–14-20 lb—–1/2-2oz
  • Baitcasting Reel Detail:
  • Ball Bearings: 12+1BB,Gear ratio:8.1:1
  • Weight:215g/7.58oz | Line Capacity (lbs/yds):10/230 12/190 14/150
  • Only Fishing rod Package Included:
  • 1 x Fishing Rod
  • Fishing rod+reel Package Included:
  • 1 x Fishing Rod&1 x Fishing Reel
  • Fishing Rod Reel with Carrier Bag Package Included:
  • 1 x Fishing Rod
  • 1 x Fishing Reel
  • 1 x 110yds Fishing Line
  • 1 x Fishing Lure Kit with Box
  • 1 x Fishing gear carrier bag
  • NOTE:It is not a defect that the 4 sections can’t be fit together completely, it aims to protect your rod tightly combined without loosening in the case of long-term use and wear.






30-ton Carbon Fiber Blank, sensitive, high strength and durability, It can be used for almost any technique involving worms or jigs.


An ultralight rod provides a more exciting fishing experience.

4pieces, easy carry for your tour and travel, easy storage on your vehicle and boat.


The Golf material lever arm handle design, skid-proof and breathable.The handles remain easy to grip even when they are wet.

GB Spinning Reel Details:




New special design line roller reduces line twist and fatigue, effectively avoiding line breakage.

Sealed waterproof and dustproof bearings and Zinc material gear.

13 + 1 high quality corrosion resistant MaxiDur ball bearings for long-term smooth operation. Stainless steel main shaft makes for a more solid and smoother feel.

RS Baitcasting Reel Details:





1 2 3 4 5 6
Telescopic Baitcasting Rod Combos with Carrier Bag Telescopic Spinning Rod Combos with Carrier Bag Crown Baitcasting rod combos-Blue Crown Baitcasting rod combos-Golden Unicorn Spinning rod combos R-spider Fishing Rod Combos
Target Market Freshwater Freshwater Freshwater Freshwater Freshwater Freshwater
Length 5’9″,6’9″ 5’98”,6’84”,7’98”,8’89” 5’9″,6’9″ 5’9″,6’9″ 6’89”,7’87” 5’98”,6’84”,7’98”,8’89”
# of Guides 5 5/5/6/6 8 8 8 5/5/6/6
Reel Size Right Handle/Left Handle ZM2000/ZM3000 Right Handle/Left Handle Right Handle/Left Handle R-Skull-2000/3000 R-Spider 1000/2000/3000
Gear Ratio 7.0:1 6.3:1 7.0:1 7.0:1 5.5:1 5.2:1
Ball Bearing 9+1 11+1 9+1 11+1 13+1 12+1
Action Moderate Fast, Fast Moderate Fast, Fast Moderate Fast, Fast Moderate Fast, Fast Moderate Fast, Fast Moderate Fast, Fast
Reel Weight (Oz) 6.98 9.8/10.1 6.98 7.6 8.11/9.87 9.2/9.5/10.4
Rod Weight (Oz) 5.5/5.8 5.2/5.6/7.7/8.2 6.3/6.7 6.3/6.7 6.87/8.28 5.2/5.6/7.7/8.2

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A-Baitcasting Rod and Reel, A-Baitcasting Rod and Reel-Blue, B-Spinning Rod and Reel, C-Baitcasting Rod Reel with Carrier Bag, D-Spinning Rod Reel with Carrier Bag, F-Only Casting Rod


1.8M/5.9FT with Right Handed Reel, 2.1m/6.89ft, 2.1M/6.89FT with Left Handed Reel, 2.1M/6.89FT with Right Handed Reel, 2.4m/7.87ft, 2.4M/7.87FT with Right Handed Reel