OKUMA FISHING TACKLE ABF55b Avenger ABF B Series Baitfeeder Reels, Multicolor, One Size

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Choose The Correct Spinning Reel Size For Your Bait Fishing

Where Trout And Panfish Rule: ABF-20b

Avenger Baitfeeder spinning reels begin at size 20, perfect for baiting trout and panfish on small ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Cast floating trout baits on slip sinkers, fish live minnows under floats for aggressive crappie, this reel is perfect for 4- to 8-pound test line.

General Freshwater: ABF-30b and ABF-40b

Walleye, catfish and bass match well to size 30 and 40 Avenger Baitfeeders. If 8-to-12-pound line is correct for the fishery, these are the proper size reels. The size 40 also crosses over to light inshore applications in saltwater fishing.

When Big Baits Equal Big Fish: ABF-55b and ABF-65b

Large live baits and large predatory fish like pike, musky, striped bass and trophy catfish can require a lot of line capacity on spinning reels. The Avenger Baitfeeder spinning reel in sizes 55 and 65 hold plenty of line for trophy freshwater fish and most saltwater species.

Fishing The Open Ocean- ABF-65b and ABF-80b

You can’t be quite sure what will eat your bait in the ocean. It could be a small dolphin fish, it could be a sailfish. In either case, size 65 and 80 Okuma Baitfeeders are the largest spinning reels in the family, ready for fast-moving fish that sprint towards the horizon.

Okuma Baitfeeder Technology

Let ‘Em Eat

When fishing live baits, chunk baits, worms, insects or dough baits, the best fishing success often comes from allowing fish to secure a solid hold of the bait without feeling the resistance of the fishing rod and gear. This is difficult to accomplish with traditional spinning reels. Okuma Baitfeeding Technology is the ultimate bait fishing solution. Featuring a secondary drag system in the rear of the reel, the Baitfeeder switch completely disengages the primary drag system. With the bail of the reel closed and the line remaining well under control, the Baitfeeder switch allows line to pay out under an adjustable amount of tension. Once the fish has had time to completely eat a bait, a turn of the reel handle disengages the baitfeeder system, re-engages the primary drag system and the fish can be hooked and landed with total control.

Okuma Fishing Tackle, Inspired Fishing

At Okuma Fishing Tackle we deliver more than just fishing gear. We deliver the motivation to hit the water, the energy to maintain focus and the excitement that injects every cast with high expectations. The advanced materials, dynamic design and commitment to longevity contained in each of our fishing reels, fishing rods and rod and reel combos are not simply a means to an end. They’re the foundation of a better and more complete fishing experience. Okuma Fishing Tackle is developed inspire your passion for fishing, both on and off the water. Whether you fish for bass, trout, catfish, salmon/steelhead, stripers, tuna or marlin, when the sun rises tomorrow, a new opportunity will be born. Let’s make the most of it together.

Benefits of Baitfeeder Technology

  • Includes a secondary drag system for bait fishing
  • Allows fish to eat baits without feeling resistance
  • Maintains exceptional line control in all bait fishing appllications
  • Disengages with a turn of the reel handle to re-engage the primary drag system
  • Suitable for all fish species from ultra-light trout and panfish to walleyes, catfish, stripers and saltwater species.

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