Strike King Mr. Crappie Slabalicious Bait

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Strike King

Wally Marshall is Mr. Crappie

Mr. Crappie

Strike King and Wally Marshall are offering you his best-kept secrets in crappie fishing lures today! Over the past 25 years, Wally Mashall has been honing his skills and knowledge to bring you the best crappie lures money can buy!

Mr. Crappie Swimbaits

Lightning Shad



Scizzor Shad

Lightning Shad

The Lightning Shad is a soft plastic bait that displays a baitfish profile with a unique tapered tail. Big enough to be highly visible, yet realistic enough to coax even finicky fish into biting, the Lightning Shad should prove a welcome addition to any crappie anglers tackle box.


The Mr. Crappie ShadPole has the darting action of a threadfin shad combined with the squiggling tail of a tadpole. The ShadPole is ideal for flippin’, dippin’, skippin’, trollin’, or shootin’!


The Slabalicious is specifically targeted toward crappie and jam-packed with action. It features a unique profile that combines with awesome paddle-tail action to bring out the predator lurking inside every finicky slab. Its visual appeal and vibration are like fish magnets

Scizzor Shad

The Scizzor Shad features a larger body size that appeals to fish looking for a substantial meal, and its unique profile produces an irresistible quivering action The Scizzor Shad proves that the “big bait – big fish” approach really works. Great in heavy cover as well as open water.

Lightning Shad ShadPole Slabalicious Scizzor Shad
LENGTH 2″ 2″ 2″ 2.25″
FEATURES Subtle shad like actions Flip it, dip it, skip it, shoot it Great swimming/kicking action Port for rattles and scent

Strike King Logo

Strike King: Built to Win

The Strike King brand has more than 50 years of domination! Our great team is experienced, and our operations are strong. With more victories and top 10s in fishing competitions than any other bait brand, our pro staff is unrivaled in the industry and ultimately… built to win. Strike King is a top manufacturer of soft plastic lures, spinner baits, and crankbaits for fishing. All you have to do is Tie One On.

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