ForEverlast Generation II Stringer System-15 ft Fish Holder, no snag Fishing Gear


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ForEverlast G2 Stringer System

fish stringer




Anglers everywhere have been looking for the perfect stringer and we have created it with our quick release system on the cork end and the snag free cable system. This is undoubtedly the best stringer of its kind. No kinks, no snags, and quick and easy culling of fish. the G2 Stringer will quickly become the angler’s first choice when it comes to stringers.


  • 15 ft tangle free cord
  • Brass on both ends of the stringer allow for easy fish removal
  • Incredible durability

About ForEverlast

After two decades, ForEverlast has never been more alive in the truth that “We Live Hunting and Fishing.”

These days, we can only hold on to the very few consistences that we are guaranteed in life. Those being God, family, friends, and the great outdoors. The heart-beat, spirit and traditions of the outdoors are what our company and all of our products are founded upon. Our experience and adventures either in the woods or on the water are lived out in each and every one of our products.

New products continue to be born and improved based not only on our personal experiences but also on the feedback from you, our loyal customers.

fish stringer

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