Viper Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker, Battery Operated

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Adjustable Settings

The laser is projected by the adjustable pointer, which can be positioned at any vertical angle for your desired level of distance.

The laser line can be mounted on any side of the dartboard to best suit your gameroom.

When the laser is set at the desired distance, you can tighten the two bolts on each side of the pointer to lock the beam into place. This prevents your throw line from moving when impact occurs.

Mounting Information

The Viper Laser Dart Line can easily be set up with any cabinet or wall using the two front mounting holes.

Don’t worry about needing to dangle cords to a nearby outlet; power the laser with either batteries or an AC adapter (sold separately). With the battery door on the front, you don’t need to remove it from a cabinet or wall when replacing the batteries.

No Cleanup or Stickers

There is no need to stick anything on your floor with the Viper Laser Line.

You can keep everything easily accessible on your cabinet or wall without the need to have anything glued down.

It is ideal for if you want to rearrange and put your board and throw line in another location.

No need to deal with a permanent object on your floor anymore.

Additional Tips

If you need more distance, mount the throw line at a higher height level.

First, measure a spot on your floor and mark it for the amount of distance you want the throw line set at. Then mount the Laser Dart Line to your cabinet or wall and swivel the pointer until the beam aligns with where you measured. Next tighten the two bolts on the pointer to lock the beam in place.

Efficient Energy consumption can extend the time until you need to change the batteries.



Clean Floor


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