SGT KNOTS Paracord 550 Type III 7 Strand – 100% Nylon Core and Shell 550 lb Tensile Strength


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Product Description

The story behind SGT KNOTS begins with Mike Shelley. After serving in the Marine Corps, Mike started a simple website selling custom paracord keychains and bracelets. At the time, paracord was the military’s best kept secret.

Mike was shocked to discover how difficult it was to find paracord online, but even more shocked when his products began flying off the shelves faster than he could create them. The need for accessible, high-quality paracord was obviously out there, so Mike “SGT KNOTS” Shelley set out to make it happen.

As SGT KNOTS grew and branched out to new products – ropes, twines, cord – Mike saw a darker side of the rope supply industry. Suppliers masquerading as manufacturers and manufacturers using deceptive production techniques to cheapen products. The Marine Corps holds honesty and integrity in high regard. Mike knew SGT KNOTS would need to bring these values to the market.

Through years of trial and error, Mike built close relationships with reliable, top-quality American and international manufacturers that couldn’t get into big-box retailers, but that plenty of DIYers, boat owners, farmers and ranchers, and businesses wanted. An online marketplace was the obvious solution.

From humble beginnings, SGT KNOTS has grown into a global depot with a steady stream of products shipping from around the world. SGT KNOTS utilizes both international and USA-based factories to manufacture the highest quality products available and bring them to market at the best possible value.

SGT KNOTS is now the leading webstore for all things paracord, rope, twine, and more! Through their ever-growing network honest manufacturers, SGT KNOTS can source any order, from small personal use supplies to custom bulk savings packages.

If you need a rope, cord, twine, or cable and you don’t see it in our current offerings, let us know and we can get it to you. That’s a SGT KNOTS promise.

Paracord Information

Paracord 550 Type III 7 Strand

Paracord 550 Type III 7 Strand Strength

Paracord 550 Type III 7 Strand Durable Reusable

Paracord 550 Type III 7 Strand Colors


550 lb Paracord all-purpose rope for crafting, paracord/survival bracelets, lanyards, belts, rifle slings, handle wraps, securing your gear, setting traps, tie-downs, and camping. Compatible with SGT KNOTS cord locks.


Our certified type III nylon paracord, with a high tensile strength rated up to 550 pounds. 550 cord offers a fair balance of strength and flexibility, making it a popular choice. Our multi-purpose utility rope also features moisture, sunlight / UV, chemical, and abrasion resistance.


SGT KNOTS 100% Nylon Paracord has seven (7) inner strands (2-ply). You can remove the inner core strands for your project needs. The cord’s durable nylon sheath will perform in high tension wear and tear situations, even in harsh climates. Our reusable Type 3 survival rope provides you with years of use. No fear of premature failure or damage with SGT KNOTS products.


Choose between pre-cut lengths of 100 feet, 200 feet, or 1000 feet. SGT KNOTS 550 Paracord / 7 Strand Cord / Type III Paracord diameter thickness option: 4mm (5/32 inch). Available in 50+ Colors!

Cordage Institute standards have been met by SGT KNOTS Paracord


  • Cordage Institute The Cordage Institute (CI) was founded in 1920 as a technical committee to create safety and technical standards for rope, cordage, and twine. This product has met the international standards, guidelines, and requirements set forth by the CI.

Common Applications – Paracord

Paracord 550 Type III 7 Strand Survival

Paracord 550 Type III 7 Strand Accessories

Paracord 550 Type III 7 Strand Utility


  • Paracord is the #1 survival cord due to its versatility and dependability. It was originally used as suspension lines for parachutes.


  • Many people make paracord into shoelaces, bracelets, and even wrap it around handles of knives for that emergency situation.


  • Due to its capacity to hold up to 550 pounds many people use it for tie downs and holds.

  • Some paracord can even be used for fire starter.

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