Allen Company Adult Men/Women – Youth – XL Adult Big Man – Blaze Orange Hunting/Safety Vest, Fits Chest Size (26-36 / 38-48 / Up to 60 Inch Chest Size) Small, Medium, Extra Large

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Allen Company Blaze Orange Hunting and Safety Vest

Wearing a certain amount of blaze orange is required in most states and areas when hunting. A great way to accomplish this is with the Blaze Orange Safety Vest by Allen. Constructed of quiet polyester and features a hook and loop closure and side adjustment straps so you can change the fit to wear over your jacket or other cold-weather gear. Our blaze orange safety vest comes in many sizes to fit most body types.

Comes in 3 Sizes




Adult Men/Women

Fits 38-48 Inch Chest Size


Fits 26-36 Inch Chest Size

XL Adult Big Man

Fits Up to 60 Inch Chest Size

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