PLUSINNO Fishing Line Spooler Spooling Station System Machine Multifunction Baitcasting Reel Spooler Fishing Line Winder


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Warranty: 30 Days


Main Features:

Transfer a new fishing line from the line spool to the fishing reels(Baitcasting reels/spinning reels/Trolling reels)

Line from the fishing reel can be quickly reeled onto an empty spool and stored.

Package Size:20 x 12 x 3cm/7.87 x 4.72 x 1.18 inch

Weight:0.15 kg/0.33 lb

Accessories included:

1 x The equipment

2 x Concave collars

2 x Convex collars

1 x The aluminum tightening nut

1 x The stainless steel shaft

1 x The plastic shaft with screw nut

1 x The threaded rod

Note:It can not work with large salt water reel and heavy fishing line

How to Set UP Fishing Line Winder

1. Fix the equipment to the table through the clamp screw.

2. Insert the stainless steel shaft into the main shaft and screw it

3. Thread the line spool through the shaft and tighten the collar with the tightening Nut. (Multiple line spools are also supported.)

4. Insert the plastic shaft with screw nut into the hole,and install the reel holder to the plastic shaft and screw it.

5. Attach the fishing line to the fishing reel. (Please set the line as it comes out on the spool.)

6. Transfer the line from the spool to the reel. (Adjust the tension to change the speed.)

7. Transfer the line from the reel to an empty line spool. (Guide the line with your hand to prevent it from coming off the spool.)

Note:when you transfer the line from the spool to the reel,please tightening the reel’s handle meanwhile loosing the equipment’s handle

One the contrary, when you transfer the line from the reel to the line spool

Please loosing the reel’s handle meanwhile tightnening the equipment’s handle

If you are still confused with the setup steps,

please check the instructions with pictures or contact us by email

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