New Zealand Strike Indicator Combo Pack

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Easily Adjustable strike indicator

lightweight strike indicator

knotless strike indicator system

Super Sensitive fishing indicator

Easily Adjustable

Because the system is easily adjustable, anglers can quickly optimize their presentation to changing depths and water speeds on each run, enabling you to present the nymph in the exact strike zone where trout are feeding.

Stealthy Presentation

Anglers can make perfect stealthy presentations so that even large, experienced or heavily fished trout aren’t spooked. Lightweight New Zealand Wool casts like a dry fly and lands gently so trout continue feeding.

100% Knotless

You can land more fish as the system is 100% knotless and doesn’t damage, weaken or kink your leader or tippet. Removing the indicator from your line to change to a dry fly is effortless.

Super Sensitive

Fly fishing experts say that trout reject 50% of all takes and anglers never detect the strike because artificial nymphs are spit out in a microsecond. This indicator is super sensitive and shows even the slightest takes.

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Fly fishing

Guides and expert anglers alike love this system

The New Zealand Strike Indicator System has been developed, tested and perfected by full-time professional guides from around the world.

10% of fisherman catch 90% of the fish

The difference is PRESENTATION. The more skilled, experienced and attentive angler knows that presentation is responsible for the tremendous difference in catch rates. Make your very best presentation by utilizing the optimal size and color strike indicator to match conditions.

  • Tool snares the leader/tippet easily, so indicators can be created even without reading glasses
  • Tool conveniently holds enough extra tubing sleeves for several full days of fishing
  • Tool is extremely functional and constructed from the highest quality materials
  • Designed specifically for fly fishermen to carry on their vests or attach to chest or sling packs
  • Tool has strong metal loop for attaching to a zinger for both handy use and added security
  • If fish start rising, easily remove the indicator in under 10 seconds to tie on a dry fly

New Zealand Wool and Tubing are the finishing touches to make the New Zealand Strike Indicator System ideal for your fly fishing needs

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