KNOT KNEEDLE – Designed to Tie Your Knots with Ease and Keep You Fishing


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Product Description

Knot Kneedle Main

The Original Knot Kneedle to keep you fishing, all weekend long!

Two Pack

Also Available in a 2-Pack

What could be better than a Knot Kneedle in your Tackle Box? How about one in the Tackle Box and one in your vest pocket.

One Fly Fishing Tool Can Tie 20+ Knots!

Reduces knot-tying time and maintains the integrity of the tippet using a soft rubber gripper to grip the line. Easy to use, customizable & an inexpensive way to spend more time in the water. Assists in tying the Blood Knot, Nail Knot, Uni Knot, Clinch Knot, Davy Knot, Orvis knot, Improved Clinch knot, Surgeon’s Knot, and many others. Ties knots in the smallest tippet lines and can fit in any vest pocket or tackle box taking up very little space! Weighs only 6g and is approximately 2.5″ long.

  • A NEW WAY TO TIE A KNOT – Faster, Easier, Better. Ties over 20 different knots in far less time than you can imagine
  • FLY FISHING, DOCK FISHING, TROLLING, ETC – All fishermen tie knots to attach flies, hooks, leaders, and more. Why waste time, the Knot Kneedle will be your new best friend
  • INTEGRAL FOR EVERY TACKLE BOX – As necessary as every lure, weight, swivel fly, and hook
  • GET BACK TO FISHING – The fish are in the rivers and the lakes waiting for you. Stop wasting all your time tying knots




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