Clip-On Line Tenkara Winder/Line Keeper (2 Pack)

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Product Description

These Tenkara Line Winders are the perfect alternative to troublesome Easy Hook Keepers for quickly winding up your line while moving from spot to spot. They snap right on to your rod when you need it for line management and pop right off when you don’t. They are super light weight and durable. They have a red foam center for hooking your fly to. The 2.7 size will fit most Tenkara rods such as the DRAGONtail Tenkara Shadowfire, KOMODO, HYDRA, and HELLbender rods. For very thin rods it also comes with a foam insert that allows it to fit thinner Tenkara rods.

  • Size Fits Most Tenkara Rods.
  • Snaps On-and-Off of your Tenkara Rod with ease.
  • 2 Pack in Red Color with foam insert for thinner rods.
  • Perfect alternative to troublesome Easy Hook Keepers.
  • Great Tenkara Line Management System as seen on Teton Tenkara Blog.

The #1 Selling Tenkara Accessory

Easily snaps on and off your Tenkara rod

Wind your line up trouble free

The foam spacer strips make it fit smaller diameter rods

Snaps On-and-Off With EASE

It snaps onto you Tenkara rod when you need it and comes off when you don’t want it on there, just takes a second to do.

Hassle-FREE Line Winding

Tenkara line winds up on it with ease and is secure with a foam center to hook your fly into.

Foam Inserts For Thinner Rods

Included are 2 foam spacers that you can insert into the line winder to make it fit smaller diameter Tenkara rods.

The Best Line Management System for Tenkara

The Best Line Management System for Tenkara

You Won’t Find A Better Tenkara Line Management System

There are other Tenkara line management systems out there but they are tedious, lots of parts, prone to fall apart, or bulky. None of them compare to these Clip-On Line Winders. These line winders are convenient, secure, durable, slim, and just plain better than the rest. There is a reason it is the #1 selling accessory in Tenkara, they work great and they are a needed function for the majority of Tenkara anglers.

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