Hevto Wetsuits Men and Women Guardian 3mm Neoprene Full Scuba Diving Suits Surfing Swimming Long Sleeve Keep Warm Back Zip for Water Sports


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Product Description

Packing: We choose high-quality PE self-sealing bag, in order to decrease transportation damage to the wetsuits. When you open the bag, there are usually any slightly fold lines which are acceptable according to our quality policy. We beg your understanding, because the fold line cannot be avoided completely.

Odor: Open the bag and when you find any nasty smell, don’t worry please. this odor is not harmful to you. The wetsuit is a kind of clothing usually made of foam neoprene, and glue is needed to form a tight junction between the fabric and rubber. Then you will smell a glue. Please place the wetsuit in a ventilated place for a period of time or washed in water, the wetsuit will lose its taste. the smell will disappear soon. We only use healthy glue materials.

Wetsuit Men Red Wetsuit Women Blue Wetsuit Kids Red Wetsuit Kids Blue
Guardian Ⅰ Warrior Men Guardian Ⅰ Goddess Women Vigor Ⅰ Spirit Kids Red Vigor Ⅰ Spirit Kids Blue

wetsuit men

GuardianⅠWarrior Full Wetsuit For Men

The Guardian Ⅰ Warrior Wetsuit is specially designed for adult men diving enthusiasts. In cold water, a wetsuit can keep the body extra warm. The working principle of diving suits is that when water enters the clothes, and then leaves a thin layer of water on the body. Then the body keeps moving to generate heat, heating and keeping the body warm.

wetsuit women

GuardianⅠGoddess Full Wetsuit For Women

The Guardian Ⅰ Goddess Wetsuit is specially designed for adult women diving enthusiasts. It is made of 3mm neoprene + nylon elastic fabric. It is healthy, soft and comfortable, and skin-friendly. Flatlock stitching, the line is delicate and neat. GuardianⅠWarrior full men wetsuits can keep you warm, help you float more easily, and help you master swimming and diving skills faster.

wetsuit kids

Hevto Wetsuit Brand

Hevto Wetsuits

HEVTO focuses on the manufacture of diving equipment, has the core production technology, the use of the highest quality materials, production and sales of the most cost performance products. To provide customers with a better use experience.

  • Better Prices
  • Better Quality
  • Better Materials
  • Better Use Experience

VigorⅠSpirit Full Wetsuit For Kids

Better protection, More comfortable experience

The Vigor Spirit Wetsuits are specially designed for kids. If your kids are lucky enough to have a wetsuit, your kids can swim, surf or scuba diving at any time. The 3mm neoprene wetsuits are worn suitable for 50℉- 67℉.

In open water, you can avoid being injured by marine organisms, and avoiding water pollution causing skin sensitivity. The wetsuits provide you better protection.

  • Use Higher-Quality Healthy Materials
  • More Comfortable Wearing Experience
  • Keep Warm In Cold Water
  • Keep Water Out
  • Provide Better Protection
  • Strong And Durable
  • Multi-Purpose Use

wetsuit women

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