GoldFin Women’s Wetsuit Top, 2mm Neoprene Wetsuit Jacket Long Sleeve Front Zip Wetsuit Shirt for Swimming Water Aerobics Diving Surfing Kayaking…


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Why Choose GoldFin Womens Wetsuit Top?
–We use good quality materials to produce wetsuits when make price reasonable
–Sturdy and high-quality flatlock stitching helps to prevent chafing on the skin.
–GoldFin lightweight wetsuit is thin enough for arm mobility, yet still thick enough to keep you warm in cold water 
–Not only will this neoprene jacket provide warmth, but it will also protect wearers from UV rays, jellyfish stings, and other irritants.

About the fit
① A wetsuit should fit snugly that works perfectly to keep warm in cold water. The loose fit will make water coming in.
② If you can barely get it on and zipped when dry, it will be fine in the water. Because neoprene stretches in the water.
③ If you don’t want feel tight, order 1~2 size up base on the size selection.
④ If the size is not suitable, please contact us and we will exchange a new size for you by free.

Suitable for 50℉- 70℉ water temperature
This womens wetsuit top is suitable for 50-70F water temperature that keeps the body warm and dry quickly on cold windy days

About Smell
The smell of swim jacket is normal and has no danger, it would be easy gone after a few time washes. Before you wear it,
please soak this neoprene jacket in cold water and hand wash, air dry to release smell.

Washing instructions
Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent. Squeeze out and drain.

Skin sensibility
For someone whose skin is sensitive to Neoprene, they may feel itching or
tingling, after wear this neoprene swim jacket, please take off immediately and stop using it.

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