GoldFin Women’s Wetsuit Pants, 2mm Neoprene Pants Keep Warm for Swimming Surfing Kayaking Diving


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GoldFin Women’s Diving & Scuba Pants

1. Super-stretch nylon fabric and perfect shape recovery
2. Provides UV protection and defense against sea lice
3. Waterproof and add Buoyancy
4. Super comfortable in the water.
5. Keep warm in the coldest conditions.

★This Neoprene Pant also can be used as Sauna Pant.Benefits as follow:
Gets muscles warmed quickly
Expedite calorie burning while work out.
Sweat 4-5 times more than usual
Improve body’s shape and defines waistline.
Stays dry on the outside while sweating the inside

About Smell:
The smell of Neoprene is normal and not dangerous, it would be easy gone after a few time washes.
Please soak this water pants in cold water and hand wash,air dry it out to let the smell gone before you wear it for the first time!

Skin sensibility:
For someone whose skin is sensitive with Neoprene, they may feel itching or tingling,
or other uncomfortable condition after wear this surfing pants,please take off immediately and stop using it.

Slightly fade is normal for bright color, use neutral detergent with cold, fresh water to rinse your diving pant.
★Most laundry liquid is neutral detergent, and soap, washing powder are alkaline detergents.★
We recommended to wash this wetsuit pant after each use, particularly after exercising.
Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent. Squeeze out and drain.

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