Food Vacuum Sealer | Automatic Air Sealing System | Vacuum Sealer Machine Start Kit for Food Storage with 10 Vacuum Bags Sous Vide Cooking Dry Moist Modes


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Product Description

Sous vide vacuum sealer

Food Vacuum Sealer Machines

  • Food vacuum sealer machines keeps food fresh longer.Preserve your food and wine with vacuum sealing.

  • Keep your busy kitchen running smoothly.Save money Save time Save place.

Operating Instruction

food vacuum sealer machines

vacuum food sealer

food vacuum sealer

Put the bag in the vacuum chamber

Place the unsealed end of the bag in the vacuum chamber, being careful not to exceed the seal chamber.

Close the lid

Press the lid with two hands at the same time, when you hear “click”, the lock latch has been securely closed.

Choose the button according to your needs

Press the Vacuum Seal Button, the machine will vacuum, seal and shut off automatically. After the operation is completed, press the “Release” button on both sides of the appliance. Open the lid and remove the sealed item.

Key Feature

White Dolphin Keep Food Fresh

Dry Moist Sous Vide

Effective Preservation

Vacuum Canister And Wine

Keep Food Fresh

White dolphin vacuum sealer sucks the air out, which can preserve the freshness and extend the shelf-life of food for later usage.

Dry And Moist Sous Vide

Dry and moist modes optional. Choose the moist mode for food with moisture. It can vacuum and seal perfectly.

Effective Preservation

Using White Dolphin vacuum sealer machines is a good way to save some money by buying a large amount of food, or let you save seasonal food after the peak season, so that you can save those perfectly ripe berries from the farmers market in summer.

Vacuum Canister And Wine

Accessory hose port of vacuum sealer can preserve food with vacuum canister & compatible with wine stoppers.

vacuum food sealer

Package included

  • 1 PC * Food Vacuum Sealer Machine
  • 10 PC * Bags (Size : 5 pcs 4.72”X 7.87”, 5pcs 7.87”X9.84”)
  • 1 PC * Hose
  • 1 PC * English User Manual

vacuum food sealer vacuum sealer for food vacuum sealer machine vacuum food sealer
S03 Vacuum Sealer S12 Vacuum Sealer 03 Vacuum Sealer 02 Vacuum Sealer
Rated Voltage AC 100~240V AC 100~240V AC 100~240V 110/220V DC
Rated Frequency 50~60 Hz 50~60 Hz 50~60 Hz 50~60 Hz
Rated Power 130W 110W 130W 80W
Sealing Length ≤300mm ≤320mm ≤300mm ≤290mm
Dry/Moist Mode Yes Yes Yes No
Automatic vacuum/seal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meets UL or ETL Safety Standards

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