Accenter Vacuum Sealer Bags 2 pack 8”x 50′ Rolls Commercial Grade Food Saver Bags For Seal a Meal, BPA Free, Heavy Duty, Great for vac storage, Meal Prep or Sous Vide

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Product Description

With our vacuum sealer roll to keep your food fresher longer and keep the nutrition and moisture in the food


Why Choose Our Vacuum Sealer Rolls?

Our Universal Vacuum Sealer Bag Rolls allow you to preserve and eat fresh food longer, and reduce waste easily. Vacuum sealer bag protects food from outside elements such as air, moisture and so on, Air is sucked out of BPA-free food sealer bags, which helps slow down food spoilage, soggy, wilting and unsavory odors, while maintaining all of their flavor and nutrition.





Boiled Safe

Our Vacuum Seal Rolls are great for sous vide cooking and boil reheating. Air and Watertight Food Package Bags keep food safe, resist- puncture and resist- tear, and avoid loss of nutrients, protein and trace elements. Water can’t permeate through the vacuum sealer bag. Great airtight packaging delivers sous vide cooking top-notch, juicy, tender and yummy taste.

Freezer Safe

Our vacuum sealer rolls draw out oxygen from the vacuum sealer bag, keep food’s moisture and flavor in and prevent oxygen from seeping back in, avoiding freezer burn. It stands temperatures as low as -20 °C/-4 °F No freezer burn, dehydration, and unsavory odors.

Microwave Safe

The vacuum food bag is strong enough to be heated in the Microwave. It can bear the high temperature up to 110 ℃. Please make a few small holes on the bag before microwave heating. Boiling it in the water is also okay.Our bags also resist punctures and tearing.

Food Safe

We make food-safe bags that are free of BPA, Food grade and commercial grade food vacuum bags. Constructed of food grade materials, Accenter Food Seal Bags help people not only block moisture and oxygen to store food and keep food fresh, but also lock food nutrients to help people always eat nutrition foods.




Pre-cut Size, More Economical

Unlike a pre-made bag, our vacuum bag rolls provide you the flexibility to costume your own bag as you need. It is easy to make a bag. Cut the desired length of the bag and then seal it.

Effectively Extract Air Out

Combined with embossed side with high density dotted pattern and gloss side,the food sealer bags provide maximum oxygen removal,realizing air-tight effect! The glossy transparent side ensures optimum clarity of your food.

Fit all types of vacuum sealers

Simply add food to the bag, insert the open end in the vacuum sealer. Compatible with all types of vacuum sealers.

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