Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder, Handheld Fishfinder Fish Depth Finder with Sonar Sensor Transducer and LCD Display


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Product Description

Venterior VT-FF001 fish finder is a portable and affordable fish finder for fishing beginners. It is also accurate enough for all levels of fishing lovers. It detects and displays water depth, approximate fish location, weeds and rocks on seabed. For learning the depth of the lakes that don’t have topographical maps and finding where the fish are in lakes, this is the best value for the money.

fish finder

fish finder

Finding fish is much easier then ever before

Know well about depth of the water around your boat

For kayak/boat fishing, it is very important to know well about the depth of the water around your boat. The Venterior fish finder use sonar of 200 kHZ to detect and locate depth and bottom contour as well as fish directly below the transducer. The reading shows on display is very easy to read and understand.

25ft cord enables you to use it in different fishing environments

It includes a 25ft cord with round sonar transducer and removable transducer float, which enables you to fish from a kayak, off the dock, or on bridge with the fish finder. If you are fishing off your kayak and the cord is too long for you, you can coil the rest of the cord.

Easy to use

Toss the transducer into water and turn on the display unit, it will show you the water depth and approximate fish depth if fish schools passing by.

Easy to set up

  • 5 user selectable sensitivity: You can ignore small fish by lower the sensitivity.
  • battery save mode: Battery save mode will allow the fish finder to work longer.
  • backlight mode: Yellow backlight mode enables you to use the fish finder at night.
  • fish alarm: It gives you alerts when it detects fish schools passing by (can be turned off).
  • unit of measure: Water depth shows by meters or feet.

Suitable for ice fishing, kayak/boat fishing, shore/pier fishing and night fishing.

ice fishing

kayak fishing

shore fishing

fishing gift


1. If you would like to check the area for depth or fish before cutting the hole, please clear away snow to expose the ice surface.

2. The ice must be clear, free from air bubbles, voids, cracks, etc.

3. Place a small amount of liquid water on the ice and set the transducer on the water, allowing the unit to freeze to the ice.

4. Cut a hole through the ice and place the transducer directly in the water.


3 different ways to use the fish finder from a kayak/boat:

1. Toss the transducer and float into the water off the boat side.

2. Attach the side-scan adapter to the boat hull, and attach the transducer to the adapter.

3. Attach the transducer to a handle or a transducer mounting Arm, lower the transducer into the water.


1. Place the transducer and float in your hand, and toss underhand.

2. Use a pole to guide the transducer to a desirable position.

3. Add a float kit on the cable to allow the cable to float on top of the water.

4. Neatly wind up the excess cable.


If you are looking for some useful fishing gear that can be given as a gift on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, this portable fish finder is one of the best choices. If your family/lover/friend is an avid ice fisher, this makes a great Christmas gift for he/she can go out and use it immediately. They can go fishing off boat in Summer and go ice fishing in Winter with this Venterior portable fish finder.


  1. It will turn off automatically if the depth display reads “—” continuously for 5 minutes.
  2. The transmitter is waterproof, but the receiver (unit with screen) is not waterproof, so please do not submerge or spray the fish finder screen with water.
  3. It can not be used to detect bait fish(motionless) or fish that is smaller than 10cm.
  4. When use this fish finder on moving boat, please make sure the moving speed is slowly (lower than 5 mph).
  5. The product can only show you where the fish are. It can not show you how big the fish are, but you could adjust the Sensitivity setting. When the Sensitivity is high, it will show you both big fish and small fish; when low, it will only show you the big fish.
  6. Extremely cold weather will impact the performance of the product. It is suggested that you keep the unit in temperatures above 0 degrees during operation.
  7. Strong waves, suspended matter and muddy water,will affect the performance.


  • 1. Measure Units: Meters / Feet
  • 2. Display: LCD display
  • 3. Backlighting: LED
  • 4. 4.6cm diameter Round transducer sensor
  • 5. Depth Range : Max: 100m (328ft) ; Min: 0.9m (3ft)
  • 6. Sensor Beam Angle: 45 degrees
  • 7. Operating Temperature: -14°F to 122°F(-10°C-50°C) .
  • 8. Uses 4 x AAA batteries (not included)

fish finder FF001E ff003 wireless fish finder wireless fish finder dry bag
Fish Finder FF001E Color Screen Fish Finder FF001E Fish Finder FF003, Displays Water Temperature Wireless Fish Finder with Sonar Sensor and Color Screen Wireless Fish Finder with Sonar Sensor and Color Screen Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag for Kayaking
Battery 4 x AAA(not included) 4 x AAA(not included) 4 x AAA(not included) 2 Built in Polymer Batteries 4 x AAA(not included) and Built in Polymer Battery
Display Displays water depth, fish location, fish size(small/median/big), weeds and rocks Displays water depth, fish location, fish size(small/median/big), weeds and rocks Displays water depth, water temperature, fish location, weeds and rocks Displays water depth, water temperature, fish size (small/median/big), fish depth, and bottom contour Displays water depth, water temperature, fish size (small/median/big), fish depth, and bottom contour
Sonar Beam Angle 45 degree 45 degree 45 degree 90 degree 90 degree
Size 20L

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