LUCKY Wireless Fish Finder Kayak Fish Finder for Boat Fishing Anti-UV LCD Display Sonar Sensor Transducer Depth Finders for Kayak Ice Fishing Sea Fishing Canoes Fishing

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Product Description

portable fish finder lucky

LUCKY wireless portable fish finder

Find Accurate Fishing Location:Sensitive sonar sensor transducer will catch the action of the fish,and show information on the portable fish finder. You can use it to track the fishing place, to confirm the location and depth of fish before fishing. Cast the sonar out to water or tie it to your boat, the transducer will update fishing information to your wireless fish finder. Testing the place before fishing will be helpful to improve the efficiency and fun of fishing.LUCKY wireless portable fish finder designed for both amateur fish hunters and professional fish hunters. It is worth owning fishing on Shore, Kayak, Pontoon Boat, Float Tube, Canoes. Allows you to see the contents of the ocean or lake and can be used in any environment.

wireless fish finder portable


  • Sonar Frenquency:125KHz
  • Sonar Beam Angle:90 degree
  • Depth Capability:2.3ft(0.7m)-130ft (40m)
  • Power Requirement:4*AAAbatteries(not included)
  • Wireless Operating range:393 ft(120m)
  • Operating temperature: 14ºF ~ 122ºF
  • Backlighting: Blue LED
  • Measure unit: Meter/Feet
  • Package Contents
  • 1* Fish Finder
  • 1* Wireless sonar sensor
  • 1* Antenna
  • 1* CR2032 cell battery
  • 1* English manual

Multi-function portable wireless fish finder.

  • Real-time display of water depth, fish position, and underwater objects.
  • Wireless sonar: let you experience the joy of using a fish finder on the shore. It can help you quickly determine if there are fish in the water and make fishing more efficient.
  • Equipped with anti-clutter system, the sensitivity can be adjusted (5 levels), no matter it is clean water or turbid water, it can accurately detect.
  • The blue LCD backlight allows you to see the screen clearly, day or night. If you like night fishing, using a wireless portable fish finder will be a good choice.
  • Fish alarm: When a fish is detected, the wireless fish finder will give you an alarm. I believe the alarm will make you excited. The fish alarm can be turned off.
  • Automatic memory setting. After the power is turned off, the previous settings are automatically saved, and there is no need to set them again when the power is turned on again.
  • It can be used off the dock, on a boat or ice fishing and say goodbye to guessing of what is at the bottom of the water.

wireless fish finder portable

wireless fish finder portable

wireless fish finder portable

High-performance wireless sonar

The maximum wireless operating range of the sonar is 323 ft, and the range of detecting water depth is 2.3 ft-130 ft. The angle of the sound wave is 90 degrees. The sonar length is 3.0 inches, 2.2 inches, and 2 inches. The sonar power source is a CR2032 button battery. The sonar uses a power-saving design. When the sonar leaves the water, the sonar will automatically power off.

Easy to use

The use of wireless fish finder is very simple. Just two steps. 1. Tie the sonar to the fishing line and drop it into the water. 2. Power on the fish finder and read the information. You don’t need to attach the sonar to the hull like you would with a wired fish finder. Of course, you can also attach sonar to kayak, pontoon boat, canoe. If you have a remote control boat, you can also attach it to the remote control boat.With this fishing finder, it instantly finds and reports what’s in the water depth you’re which makes catching fish easy in the freezing temperatures.

Hand held size

The body of the fish finder is very light and portable. The product includes a neck strap. So you can hang fish finder on your neck when you use it. And the power of fish finder is 4xAAA batteries. The fish finder has a power saving mode, under power saving mode the wireless fish finder can work continuously for more than 6 hours. The experience gets better when you have this best fishing fish finder!

wireless fish finder portable

wireless portable fish finder

wireless fish finder portable

Wide temperature operating range

The wireless portable fish finder has an operating temperature range of 14ºF to 122ºF. So whether it is winter or summer, you can use it.

Corresponding fishing methods for wireless portable fish finder: ice fishing, night fishing, dock fishing, kayak fishing, pondon boat fishing, canoe fishing, float tube fishing. Wireless fish finder will become your good fishing partner.You need a companion if you’re planning on going on an ice fishing expedition.

Fish alarm & 5 levels sensitivity

Fish alarm: portable fish finder will give you an alert when fish are be detected. So you can enjoy surrounding beautiful scenery and only focus on fishing when fish finder sounding. (on/off)

5 sensitivity levels: Sonar sensitivity is adjustable and this make fish finder will work well no matter water is clean or turbid. Tips: please select low sensitivity when water is clean.This provides clear and accurate picture on the screen down to any landscape or other objects under.


1.Please don’t test wireless portable fish finder at bucket, pool, washbasin or fish tank.

2.Dry the sonar sensor transducer after fishing and it will prolong sensor lifetime. 3.The wireless fish finder can’t distinguish fish size, however, you could judge fish size by adjusting the sensitivity of handheld fishfinder at water quality good area.

LUCKY FISH FINDER 818 lucky finder 068 lucky wireless fish finder fish finder wireless underwater fish camera underwater fish camera
fish finder fish finder wireless fish finder wireless fish finder underwater camera underwater camera
Detection Depth 328FT (100m) 328FT (100m) 147FT(45m) 147FT(45m) 66FT (20m) 66FT (20m)
Sonar Frequency 200Khz 200Khz 125Khz 125Khz
Sonar Beam Angle 45° 45° 90° 90°
Power 4xAAA alkaline batteries 4xAAA alkaline batteries 4xAAA alkaline batteries + Button battery CR2032 4xAAA alkaline batteries + Button battery CR2032 Lithium Ion Battery Lithium Ion Battery
Back Light Color Blue Blue White Blue

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