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From the manufacturer

Everything you need to outfit any umbrella rig.

Get the Kit, then get the fish

The YUM Money Head Jigs were designed specifically for swimbaits and umbrella rigs like the YUMbrella, and feature a baitfish-head shape and big line tie to make it easy to attach to big rig swivels. A tough outer coat resists chipping. Money Minnows are the original soft-plastic swimbaits and are perfect for any umbrella rig application.

  • Kit created by pro anglers
  • Perfect for any umbrella rig
  • Convenient one-stop-shop for rigs

YUMbrella Accessory Kit

The right ‘stuff’ for any umbrella rig, right in one convenient box.

Purchasing a YUMbrella or other multi-lure rig is a two-part (and sometimes three-part) process, and the decision of what to swim with your YUMbrella can be confusing. YUM makes it quick and easy with the YUMbrella Accessory Kit. The Accessory Kit contains everything you need to rig out a YUMbrella or other multi-lure rig, with top-quality, effective swimbaits and jigheads designed specifically for these rigs by professional anglers who refined the technique.

  • Four 3.5-inch Money Minnows with matching 3/16-ounce (3/0 Hook) Money Head Jigs
  • One 5-inch Money Minnow with matching 1/4-ounce (5/0 Hook) Money Head Jig
  • Money Minnows feature 3D eyes and plenty of swimming action, even in cold water or slow retrieves.

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