MIGHTY PEAKS 12 Pieces / 6 Pairs of X-4GT Rubber Tips for Hiking Poles for All Common Trekking Poles, Hiking Sticks, Nordic Walking Poles with a Inner Diameter of 10mm/0.4″


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Nordic Walking Nordic Walking

The ADVANTAGES of Your New Nordic Walking Tips:

  • Long lifespan of the Nordic Walking rubber buffers thanks to their optimal shape and rounded tread. The pads are used to try to find a balance between hardness and abrasion and thus ensure a long lifespan with a pleasant walking feeling.
  • The cushioning material effect of the rubber buffers enables long-lasting healthy pleasure in sports, hiking, trekking, travel, camping and is also a nice gift for family and friends.
  • The rubber feet can be replaced quickly and easily. The hole diameter is approximately 10mm/0,4inch for X-4GT, X-4RT, X-4LT, X-4LTS and X-4TTW and approximately 12mm/0,47inch for X-4BT, which makes the pads suitable for all common Nordic walking poles.

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