AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger – Best Air Lounger for Travelling, Camping, Hiking – Ideal Inflatable Couch for Pool and Beach Parties – Perfect Air Chair for Picnics or Festivals

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Every day is an adventure with the AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger!

inflatable couch inflatable couch

A music festival, a pool party, the park, camping, skiing or even the good old backyard-your AlphaBeing Air Lounger can handle anything.

They say there is no such thing as a coincidence; that must be why we chose the best outdoor rip-stop fabric for your AlphaBeing Air Hammock.

Afterall, we all love a good adventure, don’t we?

Keep it simple!

This inflatable lounger is a hammock, air cushion puff for beach and a couch for camping all in one, while saving you the hassle.

It is extremely durable, light, and serves many different roles from hammock to recliner chair.

This doesn’t mean it’s too heavy to float in the pool, because it serves as an aquatic lounger too!

If you are looking for a quick and easy set up for an enjoyable time, this is the product for you!

inflatable couch chair sofa inflatable couch chair sofa

Choose AlphaBeing for the Ultimate Fun!

Let’s get TECHNICAL:

THE INNOVATIVE HEADREST DESIGN increases comfort and relaxation, queen size, a securing stake and anchor loop to prevent unwanted sliding.

THE NEW SPECIAL DESIGN is built with 3 different stitched side pockets (1 for your bottle, 1 for your phone/tablet, 1 for your favorite book).

DESIGNED to handle the world’s toughest terrain, the AlphaBeing is usable on any surface such as grass, sand, rocky terrain, even water, making it your perfect beach accessory.

THE MULTI-LAYERED MATERIAL is lightweight, easy to clean, water resistant, odorless and has a increased durability.

QUICK and EASY to INFLATE , it is a quick fill air chair,no need for air pump, no need to blow up air.

inflatable couch lounger inflatable couch lounger

Say Hello to your new partner of ultimate comfort!

Reasons to LOVE your AlphaBeing Lounger:

  • High Quality Inflatable Airbed: It is lightweight wind filled couch and takes up virtually no space when you compare it to a lawn chair or a blow up couch;
  • Nylon Carry Bag: Perfect for storing away your lounger when deflated and an easy transport method while traveling;
  • Aluminum Stake & Securing Loop: Fasten your AlphaBeing Lounger to the ground and keep it stable and secure when facing windy days. When it comes to comfort and versatility in the outdoors, these air couches for camping are your best bet;
  • Bottle Opener: Never be caught off-guard at festivals and concerts. Enjoy your favourite drink wherever you go!

air couch chair sofa lounger air couch chair sofa lounger

air couch chair sofa air couch chair sofa

air couch chair  lounger air couch chair  lounger

First Step: Take your AlphaBeing Lounger out of its carry bag, unfold and roll it out before you start inflating.

*The Air Sofa has 2 twin air compartments that need to be filled in separately.

Second Step: Open up one compartment (while keeping the other one closed), make sure you inflate it in a STRAIGHT LINE (DO NOT run in a circle) and close the compartment as soon as you have finished.

*Do the same thing with the other compartment.

Third Step: After having finished, wrap it up as tightly as possible, bend it and click the two ends together. (As shown in the picture or in the attached user manual)

*It normally takes about 4-5 wraps to make the wind sofa in a firm shape to be perfectly sealed.

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