RONXS Lighter, Upgraded Candle Lighter Camping Lighter Grill Lighter USB Lighter Plasma Arc with LED Battery Display Safety Switch, Longer Flexible Neck for Candle Cooking BBQs Fireworks


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Product Description

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RONXS Lighter,High Quality Life Supporter.

RONXS is the company that pursues high-quality product and delighting consumers with superior products and experiences.

We focused solely on USB rechargeable lighter and refillable butane lighter. We’re a team of passionate , innovation and creativity who aim to do a better job for lighter users.

RONXS Candle Lighter

RONXS Lighter, Bright Your Life.

  • Rechargeable, one charge for 600 times uses.
  • Contain zero butane or liquid.
  • Windproof, applying to outdoors and windiest conditions.
  • Safe and secure, safety switch design ensures your safety.
  • Portable, best choice for traveling.
  • Economical, reducing usage of plastic material.
  • Specially designed handle, easy to hold and non-slip.

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Longer Flexible Neck

Our upgraded lighter long has a long flexible neck 10cm or 4 in). It is easily rotated 360 degree for different lighting needs.

Superior Safety Chip

RONXS candle lighter has Multi-Protect Safety System which ensures complete protection for you.

LED Battery Display&Micro-USB

RONXS arc lighter can display real time battery volume. When 5 LED lights on the barrel turn on, it is full charged. It‘s recommended that charging time is under 3 hours without fast charging head.

Safety Protection & Design

Safety switch design keep your kids away from the danger and flame.

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Wind & Splash Proof

  • No butane, No flame,No hassle,No fuel,No smell.
  • A perfect lighter for outside activity.

Original Best Festival Gift

  • The candle lighter,best friend for you’re candles.
  • Powerful plasma lighter ensures quick and efficient lighting
  • Superior safety,the safety switch keeps your fingers away from the flame.

Perfect for Candle

  • RONXS arc lighter is teh best choice for candle.
  • It’s also Plasma lighter, Camping Lighter, BBQ lighter, kitchen Lighter, Torch Lighter, Fire Starter, Fireplace Pilot Lighter.

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RX01 872 875 872-4 872-10
Series Premium Premium Basic Basic Basic
Main Material Metal+ABS Metal Metal Metal Metal+Plastic
Recharging Time 3.5 Hours 1.5 Hours 1.5 Hours 1.5 Hours 1 Hour
Size 10.3×0.8×0.8 in 10×0.7×0.6 in 10×0.6×0.6 in 9.8×1.2×0.7 in 9.6×0.8×0.7 in
Weight 95g/3.35oz 62g/2.2oz 58g/2oz 95g/3.35oz 50g/1.78oz

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